Miles Guo: RMB to be worthless and Actions of the U.S. considered to be slow

Authors: 老姜   BigMama   Seamoon

Cover picture: 洋气小组

On July 7th, 2020, the Chinese Valentine’s Day, Miles Guo post a short video on Getter of GTV sharing his opinions on the value of Hong Dollar and RMB, the investigation conducted by the FBI, the continuous impact of the CCP-virus on America people, and more actions expected to be taken by the U.S.

HK Dollars and RMB on their way to be worthless

At the very beginning of his video, Miles Guo predicated and was very certain that the economy in Hong Kong is doomed and its dollar together with RMB will be worthless.

I believe that within 1 to 2 weeks, hopefully this week, the U.S. State Department will announce the details of the sanctions against the senior CCP officials. It will including those in Hong Kong, the CCP state-owned Banks and the Hong Kong banks.

Hong Kong’s economy is falling apart. The Hong Kong dollar and RMB will definitely become worthless.”

——— Miles Guo

The FBI Investigation

Then Miles Guo commented on what FBI director said during the conversation he had had in Hudson Institute.

According to FBI director Wray today, every 10 hours, there is an investigation for counterintelligence and espionage related to the CCP.

I told them that you have to do it faster. To build 10 cases every hour. That is the only way to make America safe. If you still do one every 10 hours, it may take you 20 years to snatch the majority of the bad apples sent by the CCP.”

——— Miles Guo

The CCP-virus

In the video, Miles Guo mentioned that the CCP-virus is affecting people life deeply yet this fact has not been fully realized by people around the world.

The real impact of the CCP-virus on human activities and public health has just begun to take its effect, and nobody has fully realized it yet. Why will the public schools resume their routine in the fall? Because if the current school closure policy continues, the students will stay at home, as many as 70% of moms will be unable to work normally, and cannot even vote in the presidential election this November. Therefore, the actions of schools in various states to deal with this pandemic have become a political issue for the upcoming election. The psychological impacts such as anger, frustration and anxiety will eventually be transformed into a public call accountability on the pandemic. Due to this reason, this U.S. presidential election may have some unexpected results.”

——— Miles Guo

More actions from the U.S are expected

Although the U.S. has gradually realized threats from the CCP, its response and action seem to be not fast enough.

The U.S. response and action to the CCP-Virus and the CCP’s attack on this nation, are too slow and too weak. I have feeling that sometimes America is just talking without taking any actions. Of course, in the end, it is good news for us. The American public will eventually understand and recognize the value that our Whistleblower Movement has brought to the American people.

Next, let us see how things will proceed, including when the United States will announce that the pandemic was in fact caused by the CCP-virus, when President Trump will break off his personal relationship with President Xi, when the United States will ask the CCP to take full responsibility for the pandemic, and how the United States will impose sanctions on senior CCP officials and their families. Among these actions, we should also wait for more detailed protection measures coming out to help Hong Kong freedom fighters, and even certain possible military operations that might take place against the CCP.”

——— Miles Guo

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