Academia Severely Infiltrated by CCP in US and UK

Recent news report from Bloomberg revealed that more than 100 US universities or colleges accepted funds from CCP. This reflects the immense efforts CCP has made to exert influence on the US academia by peddling money. 

It is noteworthy that the names on the list include top ranking institutions of higher education, such as Harvard University, University of Southern California, University of Pennsylvania, Stanford University and New York University, the institutions that profoundly influenced and shaped US technology, science, culture, and even politics.

On Oct 10, 2018, the official website of Stanford University posted news that the Stanford Neurosciences Institute changed its name to the Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute in recognition of the several hundreds of millions of US dollars gift from Clara Wu Tsai and her husband Joe Tsai. Joe Tsai is one of the co-founders and the deputy chairman of the board of Alibaba, the Chinese largest internet technology company. However, from several news resources, Alibaba has been highly suspected of having an extremely close relationship with the CCP government or functioning as CCP’s puppet. The company not only helped CCP’s intellectual property theft from the US but also participated in the money laundering for families of the CCP senior leaders such as Jiang Zemin, Liu Yunshan, and Wen Jiabao. It is hard for the public to consider this donation from Joe Tsai as free from CCP government’s evil agenda.

Another news report shows that in Mar 2018, John Hennessy, the president of Stanford University, accepted an award granted by the Committee of 100 for his “significant contribution to the US-China relationship”. The Committee of 100 is an NGO founded by a group of Chinese Americans in many fields including academics, politics, business, and arts. Its leaders were well regarded by the CCP in the last few decades and they were seen by the CCP top leaders such as Li Peng and Zhu Rongji.

Stanford Neurosciences Institute changed its name to the Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute

Another example is the donations from Pan Shiyi to Yale University (10 million US dollars) and Harvard University (15 million US dollars). Pan is the chairman of the board SOHO China, one of the largest Chinese real estate development companies. However, previous news showed Pan Shiyi and his wife, Zhang Xin, are “white gloves”  or the puppets serving the family of Wang Qishan, the current vice president of China.

Such “generous” gifts from CCP have already shown their detrimental effects on the US higher education atmosphere. While Stanford University claimed firmly supporting the human right when George Floyd was killed, it is hard for us to hear the university administrators criticizing the CCP government’s policies in last several years while president Xi Jinping enhanced his authoritarian, built hundreds of concentration camps in Xinjiang and brutally suppressed the protestors in Tibet and Hong Kong. This intentional ignorance severely misled the judgment of China’s human rights situation.

Moreover, the CCP government also donates a large amount of money to build the thousands of “Confucius Institutes” in colleges around the world including the US. Although these Confucius Institutes seem to belong to college administration, their operating system is completely independent. The faculties were directly selected and paid by the Ministry of Education in Beijing. Most of their curriculum design does not need to be reviewed or approved by the college administration. Most importantly, these institutes utilize the Chinese language classes to propagandize the CCP values to their students. Also, the discussions about the incidents of Tiananmen Square, Tibet, and Xinjiang are restricted here. As senator Chuck Grassley said, Confucius Institutes are “fronts for Chinese propaganda”.

The Confucius Institute at the University of North Florida

The CCP’s infiltration to the colleges has harmed the US intellectual property and even the Americans’ lives. In January 2020, Charles Lieber, the Chair of the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Harvard University, was charged for lying about the fact that he was paid by the CCP government to work for the Wuhan University of Technology, an institution located in the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak. About a half year earlier, a Chinese science staff member, Wang Xin, was arrested at LA airport when he finished his study at UCSF and tried to go back to China. He did not disclose himself as a major in people’s liberation army (PLA) when he applied for the US student visa. 

Dr. Charles Lieber was charged for lying about the fact that he was paid by the CCP government to work for the Wuhan University of Technology

The US higher education system was not the only victim of the CCP infiltration. Similar things also happen in other western countries. The new evidence shows another NGO, by the name of 48 Group Club, promotes the UK-China relationship in the last few decades and facilitates the CCP infiltration to British colleges. This organization has a complex financial relationship with Huawei, the spying Chinese information technology giant, and some of its members lobbied the UK government to accept Huawei’s offer for British 5G network construction. Meanwhile, since 2007, more than 500 scientists studying in British colleges have Chinese military background. Some used fake educational backgrounds to apply for the visa. Some of their projects in Britain are “close to the needs of the military”. These cases were the tip of the iceberg about CCP’s academic infiltration. The real damage to western society is inestimable…


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