Miles Guo: CCP’s Spies discovered and U.S. solutions

Authors: 老姜   BigMama   Seamoon

Cover Picture: 洋气小队

On July 5, 2020, Miles Guo had a 90-minute broadcast on GTV sharing his opinions on issues related to U.S. actions and the CCP’s doomed destiny.

On CCP and Hong Kong

As the New Federal State of China getting the worldwide attention and Whistleblower Movement continuously making tremendous progress, it seems impossible for the CCP to have the situation against it under control. As a result, the CCP has no choice but to rely on its only trick. That is to send spies to infiltrate and to stir up troubles among supporters of the Whistleblower Movement. Yet, Miles Guo and other insightful followers of the Whistleblowers Movement have spotted its intention and would never allow the CCP to affect the plan to take it down.

“ Recently the CCP sent out many special agents and infiltrated our Whistleblower Movement, pretending to collaborate, donate and participate in our various actions. After that they privately provoked division and tried to sow discord in an attempt to tear us apart internally. They hit us from Twitter and offline in more tactical ways. We really need to think about how to unite more effectively and how to think independently, when seeking truth and pursuing kindness.

The worldwide count of the CCP-virus infections and death rates are not accurate. In the end, there must be tens of millions or hundreds of millions of people infected by the CCP-Virus Pandemic. Don’t you think the world must hold the CCP accountable?

To date, some secret policemen in Hong Kong who committed serious rape, gang rape, and the murder of Ms. Chen Yanlin and other freedom fighters have fled Hong Kong. The world will track them down no matter where they go or hide. Mr. Liang Zhenying, the former Hong Kong Chief Executive and current Vice Chairman of CPPCC (a CCP state organization) already proposed to use the Hong Kong National Security Act to extradite President Trump, and the British Prime Minister Johnson to China. This threat will greatly help our Whistleblowers Movement in a way to unite Americans and British to fight CCP jointly. I already forwarded these threatening messages to both leaders of these two countries.”

——— Miles Guo

On the situation in the U.S.

During the broadcast, Miles Guo also expressed his thoughts on the presidential election coming soon and more sanctions on the CCP and those who have been in collusion with the CCP to have destroyed the freedom and the prosperity of Hong Kong. He also mentioned that there were four ways that the U.S. government was considering at present to solve the chaos within the border. 

“I personally think that the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election is more an election between the United States and the CCP, not an election between the Democrats and Republicans. This election may end in a funny way, just like the China-U.S. Trade Agreement, as the CCP has penetrated the United States public affairs too deeply.

The upcoming sanctions name list will definitely include the current Hong Kong Chief Executive, Carrie Lam, yet she is just a lackey (in Chinese: a running dog) of the CCP. Dare the United States add President Xi and Vice President Wang Qishan on this list? Let’s see the results on next Monday or Tuesday. The sanctions against the Hong Kong and China state-owned banks and financial institutions are strict and irreversible. Along with Mr. Peter Navarro’s mentioning of the CCP-virus on this past Friday on Fox News, the Hong Kong dollar will surely disappear, and a huge devaluation of the RMB can be expected. A lot of big things will happen next week, we shall expect justice to serve the Hong Kong Freedom Fighters.

The United States is currently discussing four ways to solve its social problems in the long term: 1st to defeat the CCP as a form of Communism; 2nd, to free and liberate Hong Kong; 3rd to recognize our New Federal State of China; 4th, to establish an immigration quota in the millions to qualified Chinese, including Hong Kong Freedom Fighters. Whether these arrangements can become reality, will be up to our efforts in the following months.”

——— Miles Guo

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