Seven Districts Boycott Shopping Day on November 3

Nov.3, 2019 | By Jimmy Lam @USP United Social Press

Hong Kong – Netizens called for a seven districts “shopping” day (Boycotting shopping malls) on November 3. While in Shatin, people gathered at New Town Plaza and the “hundred steps stair” chanting “Liberate Hong Kong, Revolution of Our Times“.

The civilians switched to sitting-in at the courtyard inside the plaza. Over a hundred participated and played song “Glory To Hong Kong” while chanting the slogans.

Mr. Ho who is almost 60 wore a hollowed facemask in protest against the Anti-Mask Law. He claimed,

You forbid it so I removed the middle part.

He added that the freedom of the people had been affected, with the restricted schedule of MTR and danger of going out on weekends. He wished to show support for Hongkongers.

As for police making arrests on civilians, he pointed out the situation is akin to genocides with police “calling all the youngsters cockroaches”.

In Causeway Bay on November 2, police order social workers who have already displayed their permit to line up and be checked.

Source: Jimmy Lam @ USP United Social Press


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