Miles Guo: Dying CCP and promising New China

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On July 4th, 2020, Miles Guo broadcast on GTV and shared his opinions on the situation in U.S, Hong Kong, CCP and the future of the New Federal State of China. 

On U.S.

What is happening in America right now is not new to Chinese people. The looting, the destruction of American history, and the disrespect to symbolic historical figures in America are exactly like what was happening to China and Chinese people from 1966 to 1976.  It was initiated by the CCP and called the Cultural Revolution and was an absolute disaster for the Chinese people. Miles Guo shared his opinion towards ANTIFA during his broadcast.

The nature of the American ANTIFA Movement is very similar to that of the Communist Party’s Cultural Revolution. It is backed by the communist movement in the world. The CCP is covertly supporting the ANTIFA Movement in the U.S. Spiritually speaking, for the U.S. this is the payback for making deals with the CCP for decades. It is a symptom of the final stage of cancer, showing how bad the greed of U.S. capitalism can be.”

——— Miles Guo

On Hong Kong

Although many things are going smoothly and there are encouraging signs every day, people should never forget the severe situation in Hong Kong. Those brave and selfless protestors and supports of freedom and democracy are still in great danger because of the CCP. Yet, Miles Guo urged people not to hold hatred against all those 90 million Party members, most of whom have been kidnapped as well by the CCP.

The “Hong Kong Autonomy Act”, was passed unanimously by both the Senate and the House of Representatives. This represents the consensus and determination of the United States to eliminate the CCP. The law has three key points: 1st, the various upcoming sanctions are irreversible. 2nd, it is designed to target the relevant CCP individual officials and their family members. 3rd, It prohibits the U.S. government from making any further under-the-table deals with the CCP. This is the biggest blow to the CCP since they came to power, and it is also the culmination of all the past efforts of our Whistleblowers Movement.

Mr. Yuan Gongyi said that he would love to see revenge taken against the 90 million CCP party members after a new China is born without the CCP. We disagree with that. Those who violate the Declaration of the New Federal State of China are not our friends. Mr. Bannon distanced himself from Mr. Yuan after he claimed that publicly.

The people of Hong Kong are so great to honor. My fellow friends, please ask yourself, if your family is facing life-threatening danger, you may be arrested and you may be raped by the CCP police, will you still go out in the street to protest and fight for freedom every day for 365 days, will you still pursue democracy and the rule of law at all costs?”

——— Miles Guo

On the dying CCP

As America picks up speed on sanctioning the CCP, it is only a matter of time before it is taken down.

The focus of the upcoming sanctions is the CCP’s banking system, as the CCP cannot do evil without money. The most impacted banks are HSBC, Bank of China, Ping An Group and Minsheng Bank. The sanctions will continue like a series of thunderstorms.

My fellow friends all over the world, the heavy hammer against the CCP is about to be brought down soon. President Trump will openly say that his friendship with President Xi is over and the friendship will turn into hostilities. In future The New Federal State of China will be legally recognized by the U.S. government, as the only legal government to represent the Chinese people, although I cannot give anyone an estimate as to when this will happen.

Another core part of the U.S. action is to destroy the CCP firewall. If you are an expert, please contact Lude, Sara or other listed leaders of the Whistleblowers Movement in your area. Specifically, there will be three major actions: 1. To apply sanctions against all firewalls and tech companies in Hong Kong, that are making and selling chips and networks to the CCP, and it includes individuals and companies without mercy. 2. Whoever sells or supplies firewall technology to the CCP will surely bear the brunt of sanctions. 3. After disabling the CCP firewall, the U.S. can still continue to have access to the Chinese market to make legitimate profits, without making deals with the CCP under the table anymore. The CCP’s efforts to have its so-called “regional network” will be useless, as the U.S. will surely smash it if is determined to do so, technically and economically.

In the future, the United States will directly target the CCP as an illegal regime and seize the overseas assets of their senior officials. Then there will be the military sanctions, from the sky, sea and land, every option is ready. Once the CCP miscalculates its operation in the South China Sea and the East China Sea, a military action will be launched immediately to the directly target and destroy it.

Yesterday marked the second anniversary of the murder of Mr. Wang Jian, Chairman of HNA, a Chinese global conglomerate in aviation, real estate, financial services, tourism, logistics, etc, with $53.335 billion revenue (ranked No. 170 on the 2017 Fortune Global 500 list). Mr. Wang Jian’s murder showcased what will happen to millions of private Chinese entrepreneurs who have been dealing with the CCP for years. Mr. Hao Haidong (the former China soccer star) and his wife, Ms. Ye Zhaoying (the famous former world badminton champion) loved China for decades, and on June 4th, when they spoke out loudly and publicly about their thoughts against the CCP, they were branded as  traitors overnight. All information about them was deleted within the firewall in China and their family harassed and threatened. Their son in Serbia was almost kidnapped by the CCP. This is how crazy CCP is.

——— Miles Guo

On the New Federal State of China

The CCP lies so the CCP dies. At the same time, a brand-new China – The New Federal State of China – has been born and is becoming more and more promising.

Mr. Steve Bannon mentioned the CCP-virus in his WarRoom yesterday, including “CCP lied, Americans died”, and Mr. Peter Navarro re-tweeted the video of the peaceful protest from New Federal State of China in front of the CCP’s Embassy in Washington D.C. This demonstrates support from senior officials of the U.S. government and it is a BIG deal.”

To secure the future of our New Federal State of China, we need to have strong international relations first, secondly, we need to have enough capital available, and thirdly, we need to have strong human resources. Now, no one can stop us. The CCP, its government and military are all fully aware that their doomsday is close, and they will be finished this year. Their so-called “One Belt and One Road” is in fact, the road to death for the CCP.”

——— Miles Guo

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11 months ago

Long Live the New Federal State of China.


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