Five Strategies the CCP use to Control China and the World

Author: Dawn

The CCP uses the Five Strategies to control China and the world, as explained by Mr. Miles Guo, the leader of the Whistleblower Movement in Episode 253 of the War Room Pandemic broadcasting program on June 27, 2020.

The “Five Strategies to Harness the People” is invented by Lord Shang Yang of the Qin Dynasty around 359 B.C. to help the emperor of Qin Dynasty to control his subjects. More than one hundred years later, i.e. around 221 B.C., Emperor Qin Shi Huang, adopted these strategies and successfully unified the seven kingdoms of China and became the first emperor of China as his name indicates.

Here is how the CCP applies the strategies to the Chinese people since its ruling from 1949:

  1.  Brainwash the people

To gain the power, the CCP promised Chinese people the right to vote and to own the land, but the CCP never delivered. The CCP rules by lies, brainwashing and the barrel of the guns. To prevent the people from knowing the truth, The CCP controls all media and bounds the people within a great internet firewall. The Chinese people have no access to Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many mainstream western news media. Dissents are quickly silenced and persecuted.

There is no religious freedom in China, Christians are brutally cracked down and the sales of Bible is forbidden. The CCP advocates atheism, yet idolizes the CCP leaders for people to worship. The CCP’s slogan is “we owe our lives more to the CCP than to our parents”. They require people to absolutely obey the CCP and unconditionally sacrifice their lives for them.

  • Weaken the people

As a second largest world economic entity, there is no national health care system for Chinese people.  In China, people must pay the hospital in advance before receiving any medical treatment. Getting sick means bankruptcy for many people in China. Some people committed suicide as a result.  In pursuit of profit, children were inoculated with expired vaccines, fed with toxic infant milk formula and poisoned with mouldy school lunches. The CCP weakens the people so that they pose no threat to the regime.

  • Exhaust the people

The CCP makes people work extremely hard and long hours. As a matter of fact, the two-day weekend in China now is attributed to the Western countries as a prerequisite for China to join the WTO. The CCP glorifies the people who died on their jobs and uphold them as role models for others. Jacky Ma, the founder of Alibaba Group, advocates 996 work hour i.e. to work from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., 6 days a week. Recently there is a video on internet boasting that the Huawei Company cafeteria serves good food and showing that the cafeteria is packed with people working overtime and dining at 1 a.m. The CCP exhausts the people so that they have no energy to oppose them.

  • Demoralize the people

The CCP destroys people’s self esteem, integrity, moral and family bound. They reward people to report each other for their so-called counter-revolution thoughts, words or conduct, they encourage children to report, denounce and fight their parents.  The CCP also instills hatred among people, e.g. inciting the ethnic Han people to hate the Uyghurs and vice versa, indoctrinating people to detest Japanese, American and all Westerners through systematic school teaching. The CCP instigates fights among the people so that the people will not fight the CCP. 

  • Impoverish the people

The real estate price in China is among the highest in the world while the wage is the lowest. There is no health care system and barely any social welfare. Despite the hard work, many Chinese people struggle to maintain a decent living.   In addition, the CCP siphons people’s money from the manipulated stock markets and other financial scams. The CCP routinely confiscates wealth from entrepreneurs using various pretexts. Chinese people satirically nickname themselves leeks as they would be inevitably harvested by the sickle, i.e. the CCP. The CCP impoverishes the people so that they have no resource to overthrow their regime.

If those strategies fail to subdue the people, then CCP would kill the people as what they are doing to the Hong Kong people right now.

For decades, the CCP have been deploying the same strategies on the world stage to gain control and ultimately dominate the world. To weaken and impoverish the western nations, the CCP has eviscerated their industries and shipped fentanyl to poison their unemployment and desperate people. One Belt One Road is a predatory project masquerading as aid to indebt foreign nations, impoverish their people and seize their strategic assets. To demoralize and divide the people, the CCP foment internal struggles and turmoil in some western countries. To brainwash the people, the CCP has created the Confucius Institutions and launched global disinformation campaign. Finally, the CCP has brought the coronavirus across the world to kill people. So far at least 10 million people have been infected with coronavirus and more than 50 thousand people have died. The CCP attempts to bring the world to their knees and ultimately conquer the world.

Therefore, we, the people around the world, should unite together to fight the CCP. This is not a question of fighting for the Chinese people. We are fighting to save the whole world from the pestilence of the CCP’s tyranny and in defense of all that is most sacred to man, i.e. life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And we must fight to reach victory otherwise the whole world would sink into the abyss of a new Dark Age.

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Very well written article. Thank you.


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Jul. 03, 2020