CCP Acknowledge Live Organ Harvesting?

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Recently, the National Health Commission of China Communist Party (CCP ) has amended the “Regulations on Human Organ Transplantation” and released the draft of the amendment to solicit opinions in public. The amended draft adds one clause on the management of living organ transplants, which stipulates that “recipients of living organs are limited to the spouses, immediate relatives or relatives within three generations of the donor of living organs. No organization or individual is allowed to take the living organs of citizens under the age of 18 for transplantation, otherwise criminal responsibility will be investigated in terms of the law. At the same time, the draft stipulates that “One of the following situations constitutes a crime, and criminal responsibility shall be investigated in terms of the law, including those who have harvested his/her living organs without the consent of the citizen; those who have harvested his/her living organs of a citizen who does not agree to donate their human organs before death.

On November 26, 2019, a reporter from China News stated “China has initially established a working system for human organ donation and transplantation. Currently, the number of annual donations and transplants and the number of transplants have ranked second in the world.” In China, the rate of organ donation is extremely low, however, there are tens of thousands of organ transplantation operations every year. Thus, the international community has always questioned the existence of a large number of illegal organ sales and even live organ harvesting in China. On October 27, 2019, the US Fox News published an article titled “Survivors and Victims Reveal the Shocking Behavior of Live Organ Harvesting by the Communist Party of China”.

Opinions :

Facing doubts from the international community, the CCP has always denied the existence of organized live organ harvesting activities. CCP quibbles that the so-called “live organ harvesting in China” is fabricated by Western anti-China forces that intentionally slander China.

However, the National Health Commission of CCP stated that “it is not allowed to extract living organs of citizens under the age of 18 for transplantation”. in the draft amendments to the “Human Organ Transplant Regulations”. Does it mean that the living organs of citizens over 18 years of age can be used for transplantation legally? Isn’t this acknowledgment that the CCP has always had live organ harvesting?

The CCP has never disclosed the source of organs in China, nor allowed the international community to come to China to do an investigation. CCP just keeps deceiving and threatening to respond to the doubts of the international community. To put it bluntly, there is a ghost at the bottom of the heart of CCP. The truth will eventually come to light after taking down the CCP. Any crime against humanity by CCP will be judged by the world.

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