Hao Haidong: The CCP kidnapped and destroyed the sports industry

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Hao Haidong: The CCP kidnapped and destroyed the sports industry

After the founding ceremony of the New Federal State of China on June 4th, Mr. Hao Haidong, a famous Chinese football player, and his wife, Ms. Ye Zhaoying, were interviewed by Mr. Lu De of the whistle-blower movement.

During the interview, Mr. Hao Haidong expressed about the evilness of the CCP system, as well as the CCP’s kidnapping and destruction of the sports industry.

Hao Haidong: I was a soldier at the age of 10, and I understand the CCP’s system very well. It annihilates human nature and destroys talent. It does not allow room for creativity, and it supresses the capability for basic independent thinking.

The two of us (Hao Haidong and Ye Zhaoying) have accoladed countless awards, won countless championships, as well as awards for best shooter and best athlete. My wife has won the world championship, and I have got accolades from numerous winning of World Cup qualification. However, those were all pale in comparison to today’s, which we consider to be the greatest honour of them all – the chance to read the declaration for the New Federal State of China.

From my own life experience, I think this system should have segregation in control and management, party and government, and the establishment of judicial independence. Even when I was an athlete in China, I was adamant on this front. Humanity and human civilization have come a long way, now is the time communism and the Communist Party system to retire from the stage of history! This is a necessity for the safety of the common people, our future, and our children.

The CCP kidnapped 1.4 billion Chinese through brainwashing education. They have integrated the state, the government, and the political party into one. This is cruelty and indignity for all our athletes, football players and the entirety of athletes. We are surely deeply hurt! The entire purpose for our sport is to win the gold medal, for political achievement. The CCP has kidnapped all practitioners in the sports industry!

They use the name of the country to manipulate athletes’ qualification to competition. They decide who can win the championship and who can be selected for the national team.

This includes the so-called Football Association, they are illegal organizations. The Chinese Football Association should be the centre for sport management, but they are not the industry management. The two respective aspects are consolidated under one brand. FIFA expressly stipulates that government is not allowed to intervene in football affairs, and our football association is thus an illegal organization.

The secretary general of the Japan Football Association is often invited to give us lectures . Once he asked a football management staff: “You always ask me to give lecture, but I have come so many times, why do you still repeatedly invite me? I have already lectured on everything I should.” The staff member then replied: “Our chairpersons are always different, and are replaced every few years. Every time they are replaced, you will have to repeat your lecture again.” This is our greatest evil, the destruction, blasphemy, and “rape” of sports, and the essence of football itself.

The CCP does not respect the industry, its laws, or its practitioners. It does not matter whether or not Hao Haidong is the chairman of the Football Association, but the industry should be managed by its own people in the industry, and not by whoever happens to be the highest ranking official. Leave the professionals to what they do best. However, they have never initiated the separation of management from control, something that they have been claiming to do for decades, and thus the so-called professionalization is nowhere to be seen.

They sponsor the league, and whoever has money can invest and raise a team, and withdraw when they run out of money. This includes Dalian Wanda, Dalian Shide, Dalian Albin… countless so-called football clubs take this pseudo-professional method in the name of marketization. Why? Because we have no professional leagues, no player unions, and no industry management. They are just carrying out executive orders. There are a lot of ridiculous administrative orders issued, such as that a header goal counts for two, or how fast your 12-minute run will determine if you can participate in a match … these are all “rapes” of the industry!

However, such things have been happening repeatedly. As a person who has been engaged in this profession at the age of 10, not only did I see their blasphemy and rape of this profession, but also their fundamental essence through their actions such as the imprisonment of the people, the violations of the natural human rights and dignities of a person, as well as the invasion of private property and private rights. That’s why today, we two have to stand up and speak from our heart, and tell the Communist Party of China, our Chinese people, our common people, that you should wake up. History cannot go on like this.

Because if it continues like this, our future will be even more bleak. They will trample you, they will ravage you, and they will strip off your sense of security.

It can be said that Hao Haidong and Ye Zhaoying are not in the pursuit of money, honour, or so-called official positions. From the founding day of the New Federal State of China, to all its future operations, Hao Haidong and Ye Zhaoying will not pursue any benefit or power from it. This is the truest voice from our hearts.

In the future, common people must be able to have their divine human rights, the protection of private property and personal rights, as well as the protection of democracy, freedom, the rule of law, and faith. Simply put, today’s speech is our heartfelt voice, it is what enables me to stand on this platform. I also thank Mr. Wen Gui, Mr. Bannon, and hundreds of millions of people all over the world who show their sincere love for the Chinese people.

If the South Koreans and the Japanese can play football, and can achieve to become one of the strongest teams in the world, beating countless European teams, why can’t the Chinese? Chinese football is a reflection of the CCP society, and it is not about the incapability of the coaches and athletes. it is those bureaucrats, the officials’ ruins on the industry, and their evilness which have caused our decline, including people such as Ye Zhaoying.

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