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Hao Haidong: Under the rule of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), (athletes) are only allowed to do whatever they can, even including murder and arson, as long as they can get a gold medal. It’s the saddest, most despicable, and the most unfortunate thing you’ll ever see.

The only thing that the CCP governors (who are entitled to manage athletes) care about is the result. If you win, they can be promoted and obtain more power and money. The athletes are only tools for their benefits.

Here is a story of my own experience. In 1997, when I was a World Cup Asian Top 10 Qualifiers, I caught a fever. Why was that? It reflected they were neither respectable nor knowledgeable to the human and the pattern of motion.

When we were in the qualifiers, it was home and away, with Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Vietnam, and China. In the last game we played against Vietnam at home, we could qualify as long as we tied.

At that time I had got a yellow card. Our coach told me before the game that’ “Haidong, you’ve got a yellow card and you will bring this card to the finals according to the Federation International Football Association (FIFA) and the Asian Football League (AFL). For you to enter the top ten without a yellow card, you have to get another.” What they meant was that the two yellow cards would mean a reset.

I said ok and no problem. When there were more than ten or twenty minutes left, I deliberately obstructed the player to kick off the ball, and so, the referee gave me a yellow card.

And just one week before facing Iran, they (my coaches) told me: ‘Haidong, having two yellow cards means you will be automatically suspended for one game. It turns out the first game doesn’t allow us to enter starting over with a clean record for the receiver of the yellow cards’. ‘This is our association; this is their intelligence and work ethic.

Afterward, I didn’t attend the game held in Admiralty; I couldn’t register, I had a fever. I didn’t participate in the game with Iran either. It would take another week to arrive in Qatar to have two games in a row with Qatar and Kuwait. After I had the fever for two days, they told me all I needed was a little rest. When the fever didn’t back off after two days, they grew impatient, and on the third day, they came over and told me that “No, you have to practice”

In Dalian, we usually went to the limestone mine for training; the mine was at the beach, and it was cold. Sometimes in the afternoon when the sea breeze blew, it was enough to send chills down your spine. He told me to go to practice after two days without an infusion when the fever had just begun to go away. After I worked up a sweat, there was a breeze; I couldn’t keep up with the training; after all, I just had a fever. Even until the trip to Qatar, my heat was not completely gone. But they still told me: Haidong, exercise a bit and come with us.

At the away game against Qatar, I had another fever in the evening. I told the manager not to arrange me to play at the start of tomorrow’s game, with my current physical condition, I certainly can’t play a full-court, they’ll have to change me at half or 50 minutes of the game, and that would be a waste of a nominee.

I told them I will be a bench, and if everything goes well, there will be no need to replace me, and if it didn’t go so well, I could still play for a little. But then they had a meeting, and it turns out they didn’t want me on the bench, they wanted me in the stands.

At that time, Chi Shangbin was still at Dalian Wanda as our head coach and assistant coach of the national team. He had a meeting with the coaching staff and the FA, he told them, they still have to leave me on the bench, if they put me in the stands and they won’t have a chance.

In the first half, we lost a goal to Qatar, and after 37 minutes or so, I told the coach I was ready to go. When the second half began when they still didn’t change, the whole game only 30 minutes left, I told the late director to hurry up, if we still didn’t change then the game would be over with a defeat on our side! We were losing 0-1, so they changed me in at about the 35-minute mark. I went for a post and then scored a 1-1 draw away to Qatar.

When we played Kuwait away, they watched video footage every day saying, gee, Kuwait won over Iran! I said even we lost to Iran 2:4, Kuwait won to Iran at 2:1, all of you are seeing how good Kwait is, how the hell are we supposed to play by ourselves, eh? I told them to stop watching the footage; we have to know how to play our selves, correct? Watching videos every day won’t get you anywhere. The Brazilian team is always there for you to study, and people view their footage every day, but they remain the world’s best team, but you still are not going to get nowhere by just watching their footage.

They are all bullshit, full of formalism, and their lack of confidence and ignorance. Their whole philosophy at the time was entirely against the rules of football.

I went up to Kuwait in the second game and scored one at the beginning, then Gaofeng scored another, and we beat Kuwait 2-1 on away. Two matches getting four points in West Asia is an already pretty impressive Feat.

When I returned to Dalian, I became a hero again. They didn’t even mention that the fever could cause me to do worse in games. At that time, when Yuan Weimin came to my room and found out I had a fever, they went to find the director of the Dalian Health Bureau, and he demanded the director of seven hospitals to give me a consultation, I even had the AIDS checked.

This is our system. You’re only a hero if you can score, they don’t give a damn about anything else. Do you think football as a team sport is only one man’s game? No! They have no understanding and no respect for the other people on the team.

When I was in Dalian Wanda, they were so nice to me because they didn’t dare to be unkind to me. In 1997 the football industry started getting professionalized, and we all stayed in five-star hotels. At that time, the telephone in the hotel room was a landline. It was ten yuan a minute, which was very expensive, by the way. But they still told me: Haidong, call whoever you like, eat however you like, bill it to me. And yes, only I got his treatment.

Then Xu Genbao became the head coach. When he came to Dalian, he asked Wang Peijun to come to meet me. Wang Peijun and Wang Jianlin were best friends at that time. Wang Peijun invited me to dinner and said, “Gen Bao told me, you have to support him. I said: Hao Haidong is here to play football, so it doesn’t matter to him which coach he’s under, I’m here to take the contract, I respect the contract and my profession. I don’t necessarily think that he’s the most skilled in the world, but as long as he’s the coach, I will obey him.

Luther: We just talked about Wang Jianlin, which reminds me of a joke.

Hao Haidong: This is funny. They give people Rolex watches as gifts, and as he took them out of the safe, I asked him how expensive this was. But he told me they were all counterfeits!

There are a lot of incidents, just like this, including Sun Hongbin. They know that I know Bo Xilai. Bo is the party secretary of Chongqing. And Sun Hongbin called him his so-called wife without even recognizing that she’s not and gave her a hefty gift .stopped working on a project in the Liangjiang New Area in Chongqing because they couldn’t do it so that they couldn’t do much more. At that time, they sent me some materials and asked if they could find the secretary of the Book. I said you’re rich, and I play football, are you planning to give me that?

This is the so-called richest, rich, and businessmen. In this system, no one is safe, and no one can live with dignity.

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