Chickeeduck Suffers Political Suppression

Herbert Chow, the owner of the chain children’s clothing store Chickeeduck, had placed the Hong Kong Goddess of Democracy at the Discovery Park branch in Tsuen Wan earlier. It was ordered to be removed by the New World Development, the mall owner, but he refused.

Chow received an email notification from the owner today that his contract will not be renewed and will have to move out within 21 days. He described the situation as abrupt, “I am feeling the political pressure of real estate developers,” and rebuked New World Development, “The 1% have compromised”, and hope to let the public see the true colors with this incident, “they’re just like the government. “

Chickeeduck has set up shop in Discovery Park since July 25, 2017. Yesterday, the mall sent a letter to Chow that the lease will be annulled on June 30 and asked Chickeeduck to move out within 21 days; the letter also did not mention the reasons for refusing a renewal.

Source: Inmedia

Contributor: GM02

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Jul. 03, 2020