CCTV: The overconfidence Pompeo tricks to disrupt Hong Kong is doomed to fail

International Review: The overconfidence Pompeo tricks to disrupt Hong Kong is doomed to fail

Source: CCTV International Online, June 30, 2020 20:28

US Secretary of State Pompeo issued a statement on the 29th local time, stating that as China advances National Security Legislation on Hong Kong, the United States will stop exporting defense equipment to Hong Kong on that day. The US will also impose its dual-use technology on defense and military-civilian exports to Hong Kong exactly in the same manner as the restrictions currently on mainland China. Pompeo, who has said that he is standing with the people of Hong Kong, has faced the steady introduction of Hong Kong’s National Security Legislation and the wishes of the people of Hong Kong, and has been impatiently revealing his ugly face in an attempt to obstruct Hong Kong’s development through so-called sanctions in order to contain China. However, Pompeo’s attempts to disrupt Hong Kong have been defeated again and again, and no matter how persistent he is, it is nothing more than a cricket shaking the tree. The so-called sanctions by the US are nothing but a political farce.

Since the storm of Hong Kong’s amendments in June last year, violent terrorist activities on the streets of Hong Kong have been escalated once planned and instigated by foreign forces, posing a serious threat to Hong Kong’s prosperity and stability and China’s national security. In the face of this dangerous situation, it is an inescapable responsibility for any country ruled by law to fill in the legal loopholes for safeguarding national security. The United States has many laws to safeguard national security interests, and American politicians such as Pompeo have laid the so-called “national security” on their lips and making everyone extremely nervous. But now, how can Hong Kong, China, maintain national security in accordance with the law, also be so sad and anxious? What do Hong Kong and China have to do with Pompeo? In fact, the more the Pompeo’s transverse interference on the issue of Hong Kong, the more the world sees the sinister intentions of the US to disrupt Hong Kong and contain China.

More and more facts show that the United States is the biggest black hand behind the turmoil in Hong Kong’s amendments. The National Endowment for Democracy established under the legislation of Congress has been involved in Hong Kong affairs all the year round. According to Hong Kong media, from 1995 to the beginning of 2015, the agency has accumulatively funded more than 3.95 million US dollars to the Hong Kong opposition. The US “Time” magazine recently exposed that last year that the National Endowment for Democracy ‘s expenditure on Hong Kong related sub-projects amounted to 643,000 US dollars. This is just the tip of the iceberg of American politicians against China and disrupting Hong Kong actions. For example, Pompeo, an intelligence leader, has met with anti-China and Hong Kong activists’ leaders on many occasions and blatantly encouraged and supported violent terrorist activities. Today, seeing the thugs failing, Pompeo just went on the battlefield to promote the so-called sanctions against Hong Kong, which reveal his true face–the associates of anti-China chaotic Hong Kong.

However, no matter how hard the Pompeo’s work is, it is nothing but a bluffly political farce. The chaotic Hong Kong elements the US wants to support are useless and have long dispersed themselves. The so-called sanctions imposed by the United States on Hong Kong are also self-inflicted acts that harm themselves rather than harm others and cannot fundamentally affect Hong Kong’s future prosperity and development.

As the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor, responded on the 30th, the United States obtains a trade surplus of US$30 billion from Hong Kong every year. Now it only requires military and military-civilian products to apply for export licenses, which does not mean that export is not allowed. Hong Kong has many industries that use these products and may have alternatives, and the impact on Hong Kong will be exceedingly small. The Hong Kong Financial Secretary Paul Chan Mo-po has also emphasized that Hong Kong has long had difficulty to import the most advanced technology from the United States. The actual impact of relevant US restrictions on Hong Kong is extremely limited.

The so-called sanctions designed by Pompeo are deliberately being crushed by Hong Kong’s strong public opinion and market confidence boosted by National Security Legislation on Hong Kong. As of 11:00 on June 30, local time in Hong Kong, the online anti-U.S. and other external forces intervened by the “United Front for National Security Legislation on Hong Kong” were signed by more than 1.55 million Hong Kong citizens. In recent times, many “China stocks” have returned to the Hong Kong market and received active subscriptions from investors. In May, the Hong Kong Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) rebounded significantly and hit a four-month high. Joseph Yam Chi kwong , a member of the Hong Kong Executive Council and the former president of the HKMA, said in an interview recently that there is no capital flow in Hong Kong, there is no weakness in the Hong Kong dollar, and there is still capital inflow, and the Hong Kong dollar is still strong. The United States’ attempt to disrupt Hong Kong through sanctions will never succeed.

The future and destiny of Hong Kong are intricately linked to the mainland of the motherland and will never change due to external pressure. At present, Hong Kong has sufficient foreign exchange reserves, the economic and financial situation has maintained a good momentum for a long time, and the implementation of Hong Kong’s national security legislation will greatly deter and punish anti-China chaotic Hong Kong elements who attempt to undermine the “one country, two systems” and Hong Kong’s prosperity and stability. Hong Kong’s future development is Expected! The so-called sanctions imposed by the Pompeo’s group are nothing more than a group of rogue politicians performing intoxicated acts. Advise Pompeo’s team to recognize the situation as soon as possible and apply their thoughts to the right path, and do not disgrace yourself!

Source: CCTV

Translator: 【Key】 Review:【GM31】

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