Identifying Source of New Coronavirus – A Key to Tacking the CCPVirus


It has now been six to seven months since the new coronavirus has been wreaking havoc around the world. The virus first appeared in Wuhan, China, then Iran in the Middle East and Italy in Europe, and finally a pandemic has been throughout Europe, the North and South America, Asia and Africa, all over the world. Today, there are almost 10 million confirmed cases of the virus worldwide, and almost half a million deaths from the virus. This is a global pandemic like almost no other that people living today have experienced in their lifetime.

Throughout the pandemic’s development, countries in the affected areas have been placed on the highest level of alert and quarantine. At present, some countries, while already showing success in combating the pandemic, are gradually lowering their alert quarantine levels in order to restore people’s daily lives and domestic economy, but still a risk of secondary outbreak is very high. Border traffic between countries on the Sea, land and air remains almost entirely Interruption. The pandemic has hit the lives and economies of entire human societies like never before.

Through the Internet platform, people around the world have also witnessed a variety of very contradictory or contradictory perceptions and responses to the new coronavirus. In the following article, the author discusses the causes of these problems and the fundamental solution to the virus from a common sense perspective.

Generally speaking, in response to the emergence of a new virus, human science has developed how to respond in terms of isolation, treatment and vaccines to prevent infection, bodily injury and death.

First, let’s talk about quarantine. Quarantine is the interruption of the transmission of the virus between an infected person and a healthy population. In the fight against the disease, we hear or see “physical quarantine” and “herd immunity” , which are two completely opposed perceptions and actions. The “physical quarantine” , which includes so called “social distance”, “personal protective equipment (PPC)” and “restriction of group activities” etc, is to control the spread of the virus and avoid infection; the “herd immunity” is to increase the spread of infection. There is also the argument that “physical isolation” is used to slow down the spread of the virus in order to avoid the collapse of the public health-care system and to allow infected people to receive timely medical care and treatment necessary, but ultimately  goal is to achieve the full spread of the virus so that 70-80% of the population is infected and has acquired antibodies. The “herd immunity” can be achieved by “physical isolation”, or by gaining a window of time to await the results of vaccine development.

“Physical isolation” can range from closures between countries by sea, land and air, to states of emergency by law or by government within countries. Shutdown of non-essential activities of government, business, commercial and school, and then to healthcare workers and patients, service providers and clients in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and supermarkets; down to personal travel restrictions, social distances, personal protective equipment, frequent hand washing, etc. But here again, a lot of contradictory items, such as “impersonal or human-to-human transmission”, “saliva droplet, or contact, or aerosol transmission”, “wearing or not wearing mask”, “home confinement for mild cases, or cubicle hospitals, or ICU wards”, and “borders should or should not be closed”, “back or not back to work or school”,have emerged for talking about the virus, understanding the virus and reacting to the virus.

Why is that? This is due to a lack of knowledge about the virus itself, its infectiousness and the effects of a cured patient. For example, at the beginning of pandemic in Italy or the UK, it is often the first time the public hears about “herd immunity” and the media are notorious for explaining how it works: in the absence of a vaccine, “herd immunity” is the only solution that can restore normal human life and work in the future. The same way that mankind used to plague. Some people thought it made sense, others thought it was nonsense at the time. But then this “herd immunity” seems to have faded into obscurity, and no one talks about it anymore. In the end, the people who proposed this theory did not know enough about the current post-cure effects of the new coronavirus.

Next, let’s talk about treatment. Treatment is what a doctor should do on a person who is confirmed to be infected with the virus, and here we include testing of a person suspected of being infected, and using drugs to preventing a healthcare or service person who frequently contacts patients or customs and has  large probability to be infected with the virus.

We have seen, in the course of events, the scope of testing is on “suspected patient” or “population-wide”,  the testing results are “accurate” or “inaccurate” by using the reagents , hydroxychloroquine prevention and treatment is “effective” or “ineffective”; and the cured patient is “full or partial recovery , any sequelae”? why do people with the virus take medicine, such as “AIDS drugs” or “malaria drugs” or “rheumatoid arthritis drugs”, or “lupus drugs”, or “hormones”, or “immune boosting proteases” or “immuno-immune enzymes”. ” Remdesivir” (Chinese call it “the people’s hope”), etc., were cured; any “HIV fragments” in the virus code? etc.

Why are there so many contradictory views, or actions, or confusion? Because of our lack of understanding of the mechanisms by which the virus infects people, there is no very effective actions taken in terms of detection and prevention, as well as patient treatment and follow-up of patients after healing.

Finally, a word about vaccines. The greatest contribution of human medicine to the prevention of viral infections is the invention of vaccines. The symptomatic vaccine is the silver bullet for the ultimate solution to viral infections. In the 6-7 months of the pandemic’s development, we’ve heard from scientists from all over the world working intensively to develop vaccines and conduct clinical trials. “New coronavirus vaccine could appear as soon as the end of the year”, “New progress in vaccine development”, “Vaccine development enters animal trials,” “Vaccine development in human trials or blind tests”, “Most promising vaccine animal tests fail”, “Vaccine body trials and blind tests achieved milestones” and so on.

How about hope for a vaccine anyway? Common sense dictates that an effective vaccine must have an adequate and comprehensive understanding of the source, structural code, and mutation mechanisms of virus production. In the past, some viruses, such as HIV, SARS, and influenza viruses, have been researched for a long time even though they are fairly well understood by humans. The vaccines still have not been effectively addressed, because of the limitations of current human science or the mutagenic nature of viruses. Many reports say this is due to the sudden and unexpected disappearance of these viruses, resulting in unprofitable research and development and no one investing in them, which ultimately leads to research lag; the situation may change if, for the new-coronavirus, investment in research and development is increased. But the reality is: from the above chaos, we can see that humans are still in a state of unknown about the new coronavirus ; from some clinical signs, the virus can rapidly mutate and wreak havoc on the human immune system and organs; in fact, there have been major some foundation investments are in research for a vaccine against HIV and SARS. So think about this: what is the likelihood that an effective vaccine will be produced in the short term? The author’s common sense tell that hope is slim and to be prepared for the long term, unless God lets it come and go.

The chaos and causes of this pandemic in terms of isolation, treatment and vaccine have been discussed earlier. We can attribute all of the above to one cause: the lack of understanding of the origin, code structure, transmission and mutation mechanisms of the new coronavirus, and also the lack of awareness of the consequences of quarantine, infection and healing, lead to disorganized, ineffective efforts to quarantine, and also lead to less effectiveness and about undesirable results in prevention, treatment and vaccine development. It is irresponsible, even misleading or untrue, to suggest that the new coronavirus pandemic should be “put out first, then research”, in which there is an ulterior motive. Fire-fighting and research must be “two-pronged” and “two-handed”, because fire-fighting and research are two different fields, different teams, and two different levels of problem solving. There is no one first or second and they are mutually reinforcing.

So how do we solve the above problem?  International medical cooperation is now an urgent necessity, in addition to quarantine protection and treatment within each country’s own territory, in order to trace the origins of coronaviruses by their emergence, study their structural codes, mutation patterns and transmission mechanisms, and assess infection and healing consequences. Only then can proactive and effective measures and actions be taken to stop, prevent and treat the further development, the global expansion and future resurgence of new coronaviruses.

How does international medical cooperation work? Originally this cooperation should have been taken up by the World Health Organization (WHO), which is the reason for the existence of the WHO. But judging from the development and results of the 6-7 month pandemic, WHO did not take this responsibility in the first place and even passed on lots of misinformation. The author believes that President Trump’s suggestion that the WHO should be immediately restructured or another similar international body should be organized is a very correct action.

Fighting the pandemic in their own countries, in the meantime, governments should allow their authoritative and experienced scientists and researchers to join and participate in this collaboration quickly. For the sake of the common destiny of mankind, an analysis of the origin, code-structure, mutation and mechanism of infection of the new coronavirus, as well as its treatment and healing consequences should be investigated, studied and evaluated. On this basis, effective countermeasures for virus isolation, prevention, treatment and economic recovery will be accurately proposed, and the development of a vaccine will be accelerated.

It is hoped that the world will soon emerge from the haze of the virus and that mankind will once again return to normal and beautiful times of study, work and live.

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