Sara: Cannot wait for G-TV to Turn Mainstream

In the GTV live on June 25th, Sara answered the question why we need G-TV, stating as follows:

“Deep down, let’s think over why? Why do we need G-TV? This was what I told our lawyer, on this land of freedom, America, you name it, everything from Twitter, YouTube, everything has been under siege by this CCP regime. Therefore, the moment we are against the will of the CCP, all our speeches, and even our accounts, become ‘under review’ or blocked by Twitter and YouTube. No exception for our number one leader of the Whistleblower Movement, the person who is determined to overthrow this evil regime, Mr. Miles Guo. His Twitter account was taken down completely, his YouTube account was deprived of live-cast feature. That is why we are in need of our G-TV!

We, the Chinese people, need a place to voice our thoughts freely.  We Chinese descendents need a place where we can speak truth! A place where we can speak truth!

G-TV is a platform for all Chinese, all Chinese descendants to speak freely. It is a homeland of freedom that we’ve been longing for.

So that is why we want it to come to light in front of the world, that is why we want to push it out for the world to see!  How would we do that? We will have to nuture it, and strengthen it. That’s why we have come up with this investment idea for G-TV! 

You said you will sue me? Go ahead. That’s great. Actually, I wish all of you who want to sue me. Please go right ahead ASAP! because I very much want to have the opportunity, in court and at many more places, to express myself and tell more people about the aspirations of our countrymen who are in pursuit of happiness and freedom through me – Sara – to let more people know about this in the world.

I even dream of standing in court and explaining to the whole wide world, why we are making this investment and why we are coming together to establish G-TV. Therefore, for those who want to sue me, thank you very much for giving me this opportunity to tell the truth to people at different platforms, and let more people know about our Chinese countrymen’s dreams.”

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Dictation :【小螺号 】【班仔】
Translator:【文青 】【noraTina】【雷鸣(文鸣)】

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1 year ago

Long live G-TV! The hell with CCP!


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