A failed propaganda of CCP on the origin of the virus

Author: 雨人

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CCTV is the biggest propaganda arm of the CCP. Once again, on 25th June 2020, it tried to divert the public away from the origins of the CCP virus.

The CCTV compared the first reported COVID-19 casualty in California with the state’s prior deaths associated with unknown respiratory diseases. Citing LA Times, it suggested the possibility that California might have a much longer history with COVID-19.

Jeremy Drap is the son of California resident Mary Beth Cortez. Drap was one of the victims of unidentified respiratory disease. He has been always healthy but died when he visited his parents in Orange County, California on January 7, 2020. His lungs were filled with fluid with high body temperature when he died. The Orange County Coroner concluded the cause of his death as severe acute lobar pneumonia. But the coroner did not find out how the victim was infected. Four days after Drap’s death (January 11), China announced its first death of COVID-19. During the Drap’s funeral on February 1, the news of coronavirus has already gone viral.

Lab samples from Drap were kept with more than 40 other collected, waiting for the CDC testings. Among them, there are nine cases from Orange County and Los Angeles County. Two young women suspected of COVID-19 died in Kern County. One of them died on December 21, 2019. Meanwhile, medical examiners were reviewing cases of child death from unknown respiratory diseases. They drew similarities in the child infection rate of COVID-19 and unknown respiratory diseases.

Experts said that any positive test results from those lab samples may rewrite how COVID-19 spread in the United States. The first known death of COVID-19 in the United State, confirmed by CDC, was on February 6, 2020. The deceased worked in the technology industry from Silicon Valley. The California Governor Gavin Newsom ordered to reexamine necropsy samples from last December. Coroners could gain insights on when the pandemic began to affect Californians.

The testing process took much longer than expected. The CDC first stated that they only test 3 to 4 samples per week. It would take up to 2 months for the results to return. On May 1, the head of CDC’s COVID-19 Death Cases team said they expected to test 10 samples a week. By the end of May, the California Department of Health had only transferred two samples to CDC. Forty more samples were still waiting for testing.

Under the CCTV publication, many readers chose to leave their comments. One netizen wrote: it’s not important what we believed, such news should be broadcast overseas. It received more than 2,800 likes. Another one read: “the coronavirus existed in the U.S. during the American Civil War.” Someone commented below “maybe earlier. ” These two comments have more than 1,300 likes.

The CCP managed to cage Chinese people by sealing the door to their apartment building. Yet, the Chinese found creative ways to express their rebuttals to brainwashes.

The CCP covered up the spread of COVID-19 before it became a global pandemic. It criminalized doctors who spread the truth of the epidemic. The CCP continued to conceal the number of infections and casualties. Maintaining its dominance is more crucial for the CCP than saving the Chinese people. Other countries financially supported their citizens. Meanwhile, the CCP deployed security forces to patrol Beijing. The passive-aggressive comments under CCTV publications are examples that challenge its credibility.

The motive for the CCP blaming other countries for the origin of its CCP virus is simple. The CCP has realized there were huge losses it caused around the world. Countries would join up against the challenges CCP imposed. Growing domestic dissatisfaction arose as China’s economy hit its worst point. Narratives manipulations are among the CCP’s last resorts for survival.

As the removal of the Great Fire Wall starts, Chinese people will discover the truth and join the rest of the world. Kidnapping the wills of 1.4 billion people is the best weapon in the CCP’s arsenal against the United States.

Source: http://m.news.cctv.com/2020/06/26/ARTItM0rtYFoYq0bLgEfTn6r200626.shtml

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