Miles Guo: Counting Down on CCP-Doomsday

On June 26, Miles Guo broadcast on GTV sharing his views and information related to issues on the Hawaii Talk, CCP Virus, and most importantly, the three Red Lines drawn to eliminate CCP.

CCP’s role in The Hawaii Talk

“This past China-U.S. Hawaii Talk, between Secretary Pompeo and Mr. Yang Jiechi, was not actually as the media reported, that the CCP begged for mercy from the U.S. Instead, Mr. Yang’s attitude was very hard on many issues, including the China-U.S. Trade Agreement, the execution of the new Hong Kong National Security Law, the repatriation of our hero scientists who held the top secrets of the CCP virus and escaped from China and the key leaders of our Whistleblower Movement. The CCP team even hinted that they would continue to engage in releasing more types of CCP virus, create social turmoil in the U.S. and steal sensitive information from the U.S., if U.S. would choose a confrontation with the CCP. In front of the American team, Mr. Yang Jiechi discredited the overseas Chinese either as illegal immigrants or economic criminals, or as losers from China, especially those who support the New Federal State of China. This angered the U.S. team very much and Mr. Yang’s strategy backfired and the U.S. government showed strong support for our Whistleblower Movement.

Three Red Lines

“History was made after the China-U.S. Hawaii High Level Talk when senior U.S. officials openly stated that the CCP is not China, nor that the CCP could represent the Chinese people. The Senate Judiciary Committee’s hearing on the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act on June 23th is very crucial, and once the law is passed, the whole world can have this legal tool to prosecute the CCP for the damage caused by the Covid-19 (the CCP-virus) pandemic. Mr. Miles Guo and other Whistleblower Movement members can also sue the CCP for their loss of property and even for the loss of life of family members for many years. This Act is the First Red Line to remove the obstacles to eliminate the CCP.

The Second Red Line (obstacle) is the personal relationship between President Trump and President Xi. There must be a moment when President Trump announces that he and Xi are no longer friends, and it will lead to big changes in the relationship among world leaders and the CCP leaders. There has to be either “you stand by the U.S.”, or NOT. No gray areas anymore. Those Chinese who are identified by evidence as pro-CCP in the U.S. will definitely be repatriated.

The Third Red Line is decoupling from China. The U.S. will surely exhaust all its tools to seek justice for Hong Kong freedom fighters, young and old, and the CCP’s economy will surely be over. The decoupling impact will involve huge status quo change in the South China Sea, East China Sea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other places, and the CCP will face the ultimatum from the U.S., either compromise to cooperate or face the consequence, which means the CCP will be finished either way.

Per the assessment from the U.S. government, the CCP may remain in power for another 12 months. However, I believe it won’t take that long. It can be done in 6 months through the following six steps: decoupling with CCP and China, sanctions on the CCP, announcing the CCP government as an illegal regime, coming up with solutions to protect the Chinese people and their property, leading the whole world to hold the CCP accountable for releasing the Covid-19 (CCP virus) to the world, and taking action in Taiwan and Hong Kong against the CCP. I am even optimistic that the CCP can be finished as quickly as within 30 days, or 3 months at a stretch. The CCP is most afraid of the Whistleblowers Movement and our New Federal State of China, founded this month on the 4th of June. The famous Stanford Internet Observatory report (released on June 11th: shows that Mr. Guo’s video has 100 billion views worldwide. This fact really scares the CCP.”

CCP Virus

“The most serious Covid-19 (CCP virus) infected area in China now is Beijing, while in the United States, it is Manhattan, New York. The CCP virus will definitely come back when the economy resumes. As you can see, it is impossible to get vaccines and an antidote in the short term. My friends, just be prepared to wear a mask for a long time.”

Steps to destroy CCP  

“My friends, we need some patience here. We built a CCP virus awakening campaign and momentum last week, we are working on a strategy to get rid of the CCP this week, and next week Operation Thunderbolt to destroy the CCP will come.”

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1 year ago

sooner Xi & CCP gangsters gone better.


I would like to suggest a seventh step to remove the CCP from power and free China.   The CCP’s control of the UN must be stopped immediately including their control of all sub departments of the UN.   All current members of the UN need to send a very strong message to UN Secretary-General Guterres. China must be removed from the United Nations, and all its sub departments, for a ten year probationary period – or until the CCP is removed from power, and free and fair democratic elections are held in China and a new successor and cabinet… Read more »

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Jun. 26, 2020