Beijing locked down Neighborhoods with Wielding Machines

Authors: 文小懒儿 诰佑

NTD News: Beijing encountered its 2nd Covid-19 outbreak on June 24th, 2020. The entire city is still under lock-down. Meanwhile, the communist government continued to downplay the severity of the outbreak. Netizens crowned the Beijing viral strains as “Wuhan 2.0” for its enhanced infectivity.

On June 23rd, a video surfaced on Twitter showing an affected neighborhood in Beijing. The camera showed public health personnel sealing entrance points with welding machines. Local officials in full protective gear stood by and supervised the process. The footage revealed active occupancy inside the apartment building.

The video showed the Xili Community, located on Yongding Road. On June 15th, infections led to the shutdown of an adjacent marketplace, Yuquandong.

Ten more surrounding neighborhoods were also shut down in similar manners. Comments under the video were livid. “Yesterday’s Wuhan, Now it’s Beijing!” “Don’t come in, don’t go out. When death comes, toss it (the body) out!” It was a scene many Chinese families had to witness. They had no options but tossing their loved ones’ dead bodies out of the window.

Such modus operandi can trace its root in Hubei Province (Wuhan is its capital) during the first outbreak. It quickly gained popularity across Jilin and Henan Province. Together with state surveillance, journalists found it impossible to gather any further information.

The “caging” tactics confined the non-infected residents together with the sick ones. This inhuman practice is second only to the DPRK’s public execution of the infected. Yet, both reflected the values of common citizens to the ruling totalitarian regime. Behold your breath before another dead corps came flying out of the window.

The source of this news is from videos on twitter only simply for the fact that it’s impossible to find any reports or articles on this inhuman practice on CCP’s mouthpieces. Most Chinese people are forced to believe in a “fantasy” created by CCP, where there are no negative news or tragedies, only “happiness”. However, the truth will reveal itself eventually and let’s hope that welding tools will never sealed Chinese people’s glowing wishes for freedom.


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