12/03/2019 Miles Guo’s Livestream Summary

02:47 A lot of our friends from America and Europe have investments in China that cannot be liquidated. The Chinese government is preventing them from transferring these assets outside of China. So, if anybody has companies outside of China that are willing to take on these assets in China and pay USD to these investors abroad, they are offering a 1:10 USD to the RMB exchange rate, plus a 10% commission fee. Anything less than 10 million USD will not be considered. Please reach out to Lude, Sara, and Mulan if you are interested.

 7:54 Assets in China are under fire-sale. For example, stock holdings worthy of 30 Billion USD can be sold for as little as 5 billion USD, as long as the transaction is paid in USD outside of China.

 09:03 The CCP has imposed very strict capital controls. It would take a couple of tries just to transfer from USD to HKD in HK. If you are trying to exchange from HKD to USD, you can’t even get 3000 USD through. The HSBC is a major accomplice for this type of capital control imposed by the CCP.

 10:39 Any person who can help to take on these assets in exchange for cash abroad (eg, Chinese assets for cash abroad) will be paid an additional 50% for their help, plus the 10% commission fee. Please contact Lude, Sara, or Mulan if you are interested.

 14:43 I (Miles Guo) was chatting with kids from HK, and one of the things that these kids told me was that the HK police are systematically using torture to suppress these freedom-love students. For example, they specifically pick on girls when they are using the bathroom to assault and harass them sexually. Boys and girls have been brutally raped and sexually abused. The PLA stays behind the HK police in raids and disperses into nowhere as soon as the raid is over to avoid recognition. All of these are orders given to the police from the CCP.

 21:20 Thanks to the indifference of the Chinese people and the deceiving tactics used by the CCP, HK is now filled with thugs with corrupt souls. The CCP’s evil and corruption goes beyond one’s wildest imagination.

 24:50 One of my friends who’s is an accountant told me that everybody who can get out of China has already done so. Those who haven’t live in constant fear. One of his friends was forced to attack the pro-democracy students on Chinese TV. Everyone in HK lives in constant fear of police brutality, police sexual abuse, and are not allowed even to express their gratitude for President Trump.

 28:30 HK universities are cut off funding from the government in an effort to starve off the movement.

 29:20 An antique dealer was threatened and forced to make a video to say that he does not support the students. This is a common occurrence among business people in HK.

 31:30 People are starting to believe me when I say that there will not be a CCP this time next year. The Hk people are given no choices to rebel against the tyrannical government. My friends all believe that HK is the first door to hell for the CCP. People are starting to become aware that Wang Qishan is the biggest thug behind this humanitarian crisis in HK, followed by Han Zheng, etc.

 34:15 President Trump said that he could take care of the US-China relation by himself, hinting that his real intention is to take out the CCP. The HK human rights and democracy bill authorize the Secretary of State to sanction HK, and the US will very soon move to punish those guilty of grave human rights abuses. I encourage everyone to keep spreading the truth about HK. The executive order that Secretary Xi gave has been delayed, but will not be canceled. It certainly will happen (referring to Xi’s order to declare martial law in HK)

Writer: GM56
Translator: Little Prince

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