A letter from Lau Ka-tung – the first HK social worker imprisoned for performing his duty on protesting scenes

Social worker Lau Ka-tung has been involved in many ways in pro-democracy movements.

He missed the opportunity to take part in Legislative Council (LegCo) election this year as he initially planned when he was convicted of obstructing police officer performing from his duty and harshly sentenced for a one-year imprisonment.

In prison cell, Ka-tung reminded Hongkongers that belief is invincible. Even when being entrapped within four walls, Ka-tung is determined to stand alongside protesters to defend social justice.

This is Ka-tung’s letter to Hongkongers:

I am Lau Ka-tung, a dedicated social worker determined to safeguard life.

The rule of law in Hong Kong is dead. The court has become a tool for political score-settling. Hong Kong has fallen that even a social worker, who buffers in conflicts, is sent to prison immediately for one year, denying even his opportunity to appeal on bail.

It was estimated that around 50 social workers have been arrested since the anti-ELAB movement began last year. My case is only the tip of an iceberg and a start. As the first registered social work being convicted in the movement, first and the foremost, my registered qualification of social worker will be defied. I hope that elected members of the Social Workers Registration Board, which comprises 8 elected members and 7 appointed members, will hold on to this last line of defense. If anything has gone wrong in Registration Board election in the future, the whole social welfare sector would fall with no hope of reprieve.

National Security Law will soon be enacted. Facing the tyranny, continue protesting is Hongkongers’ only way out. Participating in an election is also a means of protest but should not be an end in itself. It is a pity that things go athwart as I cannot announce my consideration to enroll in LegCo election on June 17.

Nevertheless, I still hope that everyone will not forget the huge social movement Hong Kong has been going through. What Hong Kong wants is not only 35+ seats in Legislative Council, but 35 determined legislators with strong will to fight on.

Chances for me to take part in LegCo election is slim, but I know several acquaintances of mine in social welfare sector are considering. Although I have utter confidence in social welfare constituency, I still hope for us to always remember Five Demands, and this election should be taken as a pathway leading towards universal suffrage, as we have already paid the dear prices of the whole generation of Hong Kong.

In addition to social workers, first-aiders, doctors, nurses, and priests were also involved in Humanitarian support of the movement. In foreseeable future, the tyranny will continue to crack down those supporting the movement with their profession. At the moment, initiating an appeal is one of the means for Ka-Tung to continue his fight, defending mission and belief of a social worker.

Even though I am in prison, I still hope that Hongkongers will not give up. Anti-ELAB movement has not over yet. LegCo election is one of the protesting fronts in the lengthy pursuit to liberate Hong Kong. I wish to go back to battlefield with you to witness our success.

Fellow social workers, be social workers to the end;
Fellow protesters, protest to the end.

Source: Lau Ka-tung’s Facebook

Contributor: GM02

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Jun. 23, 2020