Chinese Scientist said CCP-virus appeared “eight months” ago

Recently, Chinese Academician Li Lanjuan’s statements about the CCP-virus went viral in China. She said that the virus could survive for 20 years at -20C temperature and its first appearance was “eight months” ago.

According to her initial report, Academician Li Lanjuan stated: The New Coronary Pneumonia virus is particularly cold-tolerant. The virus can survive for several months at -4C and 20 years at -20C. This explains why several viruses have been found in the seafood market with more refrigerated foods. The virus can be transported across the country.

But on June 20, she retracted the statement about the cold temperature saying that “only 8 months from its emergence to the present

On June 20, Academician Li Lanjuan’s team responded to this report:

The report information is not completely accurate. On the afternoon of the same day (June 19), at the Anti-epidemic Experience Exchange Conference held by Hangzhou Customs, Academician Li Lanjuan gave suggestions and opinions on how the customs should strengthen the inspection of new coronary pneumonia in the quarantine and inspection of import and export materials. While talking about the prevention and control of the epidemic situation in the cold chain transportation link, academician Li said: Under normal circumstances, the virus can survive longer on the cold chain. According to our knowledge, the virus can survive for more than 3-6 months at about -4C and 20 years under -20C. Different viruses have different survival times. The novel coronavirus is a new virus, only 8 months from its emergence to the present, and its understanding and low-temperature tolerance require further research.

As a result, some media did not further verify with the academician Li Lanjuan team, nor did they fully understand the relevant information. The publication of the report caused great misunderstanding to the public. The content of the report is inconsistent with academician Li Lanjuan’s own views.

Chinese netizens’ analysis of the October timeline and cold-tolerance

The Chinese Communist Party has been confusing the world about the timeline of the pandemic. Its official version is that the outbreak started in December. And it never stated that it first emerged eight months ago, which is Oct of 2019.

Some netizens believed that Li Lanjuan “leaked” the information on purpose to help reveal the truth in a subtle way. Some infection evidence found in Europe plus the “parking lot image” at Wuhan hospitals support an earlier timeline than December.

Another point worth noting is that the transportability of the virus at low temperatures. As Chinese dissident Miles Guo has been warning the world about the deliberate spread of the CCP virus around the world. This provides the technical feasibility of the international transportation of the virus.

An old strain of the CCP-virus found in Chicago months after the initial outbreak is an evidence that someone was preserving the virus.

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Jun. 22, 2020