Miles Guo on Unrestricted Warfare

Author: Seamoon


(subtitle: 班农粉)

After joining the War Room held by Steve Bannon, Miles Guo continued his broadcast on GTV talking about the CCP’s Unrestricted Warfare towards U.S. and once again emphasized on the difference between CCP and Chinese people. 

3-year disclosure and Whistleblower Movement led by Miles Guo have already accumulated trust as more and more issues are dealt with the way he has warned and predicted. Though CCP is trying to use Unrestricted Warfare to take down America, it’s time for the world, especially the U.S., to wake up to see the evil core of CCP and get united to take it down.

Another critical issued pointed out constantly by Miles Guo is to see the difference between CCP and Chinese people. As evil as CCP is, Chinese are a group of diligent and loving people who love peace and want to be friends with the world. When CCP is taken down, Chinese and the world will enter a new era.

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Jun. 19, 2020