Miles Guo: Those in collusion with CCP will be sanctioned

Author: Seamoon


(subtitles: 铲共骑侠 & BA)

The year of 2020 is progressively getting harder and harder for those who have been in collusion with CCP for years yet we can not say it is a total surprise as Mile Guo warned them long time ago.

On June 13, 2020, Miles Guo reviewed his predictions made 3 years ago when he just started whistleblowing, which now have been realized one after another, including the fate of China owned enterprises, American companies investing money in Hong Kong, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing(TSMC) and so forth.

However, the most crucial issue he mentioned while he was broadcasting was Hong Kong matters. Justice will be served for those poor kids and young men and women in Hong Kong, who have sacrificed almost everything for democracy and freedom.

At this critical point of time, we should hope our belief and trust until CCP is eventually taken down for Mile Guo’s disclosure and prediction have never failed us.

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The young patriots of Hong Kong are most definitely worth the effort the world needs to put forward to save their homes and futures.


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Jun. 19, 2020