HK Government Requires at least 90 hours of training for all new teachers on professional identity

Starting from the next school term, all new teachers in Hong Kong are required to attend at least 90 hours of training within the first 3 years of teaching, per the Education Bureau.

Core training courses will be provided to new teachers, and resources will be offered to current teachers by the Bureau in order for them to advance in their careers, but just for political purposes.

Among the 90 hours of training, 30 hours of core training, provided by the Bureau, will cover “professional identity and studies”. Its purpose is to help the teachers to self-reflect on their professional role, and to have a better understanding of local policies, national policies, and international education.

New teachers will also be required to complete another 60 hours of training on elective courses. For current teachers, completion of 30 hours of training related to “teachers’ professional roles, values and conduct”, and “local, national and international education policies” will be required every 3 years.

Completion of 90-130 of training on similar topics will be required before teachers can progress in their career.

Source: RTHK

Contributor: GM02

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