“Norm” under CCP: Infrastructure and Construction Debacle

Author: Yamap

Video Shows the Scene of the Accident

At 9:30am local time on 9th June, according to the notification from the Wuhan Urban and Rural Construction Bureau website, an accident has been reported at a local commercial and residential development site in Wuhan.

A crane has accidentally rolled over when lifting a steel cage at the construction site in Wuhan. Two vehicles have been smashed and two people have been injured at the scene. The two injured have been taken into hospital while not in a critical condition. An investigation has been started by the local officials and the personnel in charge of the development project into this accident and details are yet to be disclosed until all relevant information are collected and verified.

Wuhan city has been devastated by the CCP virus since later 2019. This tragic accident is definitely making the overall situation even worse when it has already been terrible for Wuhan in 2020. Actually this is not the first time that such kind of accident happens in Wuhan city. 

Earlier January this year, there was another huge accident, associated with a leisure and tourism development project, when a tall formwork collapsed at the construction site with 11 workers trapped, 5 people injured and 6 people dead at the scene. While an investigation has been filed back then, no full disclosure has been made in regard to the cause and details of the accident.

In addition, on 26th April, unusual movements have been witnessed on the Wuhan Yingwuzhou Yangtze River Bridge and triggered grave concern from local residents about the quality and safety of the bridge. Experts and the bridge design company have confirmed that there are no any quality issues in the bridge based on their onsite investigation. The bridge has also been confirmed to be in good functionality and the movement was caused by the wind condition back then. Despite such “professional” opinions, local residents don’t feel the bridge is in a safe condition and these opinions are just not convincing enough.

Apart from the above accidents and issues, there may have been some other accidents occurred in Wuhan while not even reported or under investigation by relevant officials and personnel. No doubt people would be questioning why such accidents keep happening in Wuhan and probably in other parts of China.

A combination of poor safety management and quality control, lack of management personnel accountability, corruption between the project managers and the government officials have resulted in such a catastrophic “norm” in the infrastructure and construction sector under CCP’s governance.

There is no well established quality control and safety management practice in place. Those workers at the construction site might not have proper trainings or qualified building certificates before committing to their jobs. No protective equipments and clothing have been provided or worn onsite and the workers have been exposed to a very dangerous working environment and the whole communities have been put into a vulnerable situation if any accident happens around the place. The construction materials have also been proved to be in very poor quality as those project managers simply want to save cost as much as possible.

Obviously those managers don’t have a proper sense of responsibility and accountability either when accidents happen under their management. Weather condition, workers incompetence, technical failure, etc, all could be possible excuses available for use by these managers whenever an accident occur, with no self reflection can ever been seen.

In addition, those so called “project managers” probably don’t have certified qualification themselves in the construction industry. These “professionals” would usually commit bribery to government officials in order to bid for projects with greedy motives attached to them. Whoever is willing to pay the highest amount to the officials can successfully win the bid. Clearly under CCP’s governance system, projects can be granted based on bribery, corruption and collusion but never based on a merit-based assessment system that values quality, safety, professional qualifications and commitments to the general public.

It has been well proven that here is no citizen-centric and quality-focused but only result-oriented project management model under CCP’s governance. Those stakeholders getting involved in either government related infrastructure projects, or commercial and resident development programs, their main focus is how to get the projects completed within the possible shortest period of time and with the lowest cost at the expense of quality and safety to the workers and local communities.

These accidents could have been avoided if there is a robust control framework in place in the construction sector by the government. Unfortunately, under a totalitarian regime, safety and quality would never be a concern and such terrible “norm” is simply the ugly consequence of CCP’s ignorance and incompetence that the Chinese people have been going through for all these years.

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