Another tragedy happened to a left-behind girl in China

Authors:  诰佑   Justice

Dr. Chen, a dermatologist in Southwestern Hospital, Chongqing recently disclosed his chilling experience on social media of treating a seven-year-old schoolgirl for genital warts (Condyloma acuminatu)that traced the girl’s grandfather as the source of infection. The prolonged sexual perpetration from her grandfather went undetected until the mother working far away from town found this out much too late when she visited home, where two children were left behind with grandparents.   

It is distressed to hear such a crime but most Chinese people have heard many versions of disturbing stories the left-behind children are experiencing – starved children, poor education, lack of resources of basic needs, physical and mental illness, crime and even suicide.  As over 90 million Chinese people have left their village for cities in search of work, making up the greatest wave of migration and created the largest crowd of minors who are unsupervised or under cared in human history, who were called The Orphans of China’s Economic Miracle by New York Times

Instead of focusing on solving issues and improving social service, China has observed CCP neglecting its duty to its own people year after year. For every visit Chinese high-ranking officials have made to the countries that are willing to cope and surrender to CCP and rushed out hundreds of millions of dollars in form of donation or aid to expand the influence and power internationally.  For instance, 2015’s “China-Africa Cooperation Forum” Johannesburg Summit CCP promised to implement 200 “Happy Life Projects” and poverty reduction projects to benefit women and children. And expanding influence on international organizations, like the WHO and UNICEF, is another opportunity for CCP to show its “ generosity”. The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) is an United Nations agency responsible for providing humanitarian and developmental aid to children worldwide. According to their report in 2017: “China is a growing contributor to other developing countries.”

However, it makes us wonder what about the Chinese women and children that haven’t been achieved happy lives? What Chinese people need is a government that serves the people and allocate the tax money for its own people, especially children who are said to be the future of the country, not some calculating conspiracists that took people’s money to buy kowtows from foreign groups to fulfill their interests. If there had been more help and care, the girl in today’s news would not have suffered such a tragedy. And if we ever allowed CCP’s evil claw to reach other part of the world, would children there have to pay for this nightmare?

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1 year ago

Thanks. we need to discover to the world the truth of every humanitarian disaster happened each day in China. Evil CCP has to be accountable.


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Jun. 18, 2020