Future plans in Silicon Valley and an expected Shock to CCP

Author: 老姜  Seamoon

On June 17, Miles Guo talked about issues related to the future plan in Silicon Valley, a whistleblower Tsunami coming next and reinforced the policy of New Federal State of China on Tibet.

Silicon Valley

“Our investment committee decided to invest in an AI and 5G R&D center in Silicon Valley and I prefer the office location to be next to Stanford University. In the future, GTV will replace ZOOM and TikTok and this center will play a very important role. Our Himalayan Embassy will have an office in Silicon Valley to protect the interests of our fellow citizens as well. The most pro-communist places such as the Wall Street and Silicon Valley will be the most anti-communist places in the future after CCP ruins their interests.”

Hawaii Talk & CCP

“Like I said yesterday, the Hawii Talk won’t generate any satisfying result for CCP. It wanted to cut a deal with the U.S. by demanding the repatriation of some leaders of our Whistleblower Movement in the United States and Britain. The CCP promised a Wall Street tycoon the right to open casino in Hong Kong and in Hainan province, and even promised a Wall Street firm to participate in China’s digital currency issuance as a privilege. From yesterday to now, national leaders from different countries, who have been supporting us, constantly asked me, Miles, how did you know that Beijing would be the CCP-Virus hardest-hit city in China in April? How did you know that the epidemic situation in Manhattan would be severe in March? I said that I had intelligent sources from high ranking Chinese officials from inside and I wanted to alert the world on time, trying to avoid the loss of innocent lives on time. From next week, we will set off a Whistleblower Tsunami in the world. Please pay close attention to Fox News, U.S. mainstream media, political reform announcement of major world institutions, and Beijing’s unprecedented major decisions on public policy.”


“My Tibetan friends, our principles of the New Federal State of China are very clear. Before CCP is taken down, we only listen and follow the views of His Holiness, the Dalai Lama.”

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1 year ago

WOW. I will be watching the news closely.
Thank You Miles.

1 year ago



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