CCP heading to its grave while dragging down its people

Authors: 老姜   Zion文恩   Seamoon    

On June 16, 2020, Miles Guo had another broadcast on GTV discussing multiple issues including Hawaii Talk, plans of countries after CCP gone, the Three Gorges Dam, and so forth. The following information is selected from the broadcast. 

Hawaii Talk

“My fellow whistleblowers, let’s be patient and wait for the good news from Hawaii today and tomorrow. The New Federal State of China will hold conferences with 3 or 4 nations to discuss how we shall integrate with the Western countries and eliminate the CCP sooner. There are just too many good things happening…Those who have money in China should move their money out, leave the mainland, leave Hong Kong, and please do so ASAP. The CCP and its power are about to be finished soon. It is no longer as a day dream as we thought three years ago, it is imminent and no one can stop it.”

Worldwide plans after CCP’s gone

“New York, Washington, Brussels, Moscow and Tokyo, all those influential nations and political entities are talking about how to deal with a new China without CCP.”

The Three Gorges Dam 

“Like I emphasized last night, the potential collapse of the Three Gorges is becoming more and more real and imminent. Any of our followers close to this risky zone shall evacuate immediately when conditions permit because it is really, really dangerous. Although it is a big decision, as the evacuation is a big deal for the family, you have to prepare a couple of plans.” 

Second Wave 

“The second wave of CCP virus has already started, which is the beginning of a real disaster. It was the second wave of the Spanish flu that killed more people. The CCP is capable of manufacturing bio-weapons, yet it has no idea how to control it. Someone in Beijing Municipal Government was infected by the CCP virus and was sent to Baodi District, Tianjin, to seek for proper treatment, which eventually infected another 200-300 people, and a dozen people died from it. In the suburb of Shanghai, a dozen people died in a building due to the CCP virus infection. None of these news has been reported, so, my friends, we must be very careful and be vigilant, not to get infected.”

The situation in HK

“The future of Hong Kong will be a huge disaster. Our allies in the US and Europe shall start to take actions on HK issue. From every level in Hong Kong, the CCP has corrupted most of Hong Kong’s “elites” through “BGY”. The four major shameless families in Hong Kong are quietly moving their properties out, leaving HK a financial hub without foundation.”


“The CCP has been bribing some of the exiled Tibetans, by huge benefits, to take the place of His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama, through which they could build up the alleged Post-Dalai Lama Era for Tibet. CCP is still dreaming of surviving and ruling forever. However, the fact is, it is the way to pursue in Tibet in the Post-CCP Era that should be taken into serious consideration for all the Tibetans.”


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Fantastic information. Long Live the New Federal State of China.


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:-) Jun. 17, 2020