Chairman Mao’s Cultural Revolution Brought Everyone To Hell

When I was a child, I was taught the following sayings:

(1) Chairman Mao Zedong is the greatest savor to Chinese people and human being around the world.

(2) The Cultural Revolution is a sociopolitical movement in China launched by Chairman Mao Zedong in 1966.

(3) Chairman Mao Zedong was cheated, manipulated and utilized by Lin Biao, Vice Chairman of Chinese Communist Party (CCP); and by Jiang Qing, Mao’s wife during the Cultural Revolution in 1966-1976.

(4) Lin Biao, Jiang Qing, Gang of Four take full responsibility of the Cultural Revolution.

(5) Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been always great, glorious and right (Wei Guang Zheng) from 1921 until today.

The above sayings are unreasonable, full of logical conflict and vulnerability.

(1) Since Chairman Mao Zedong is the greatest savor to Chinese people, why Chinese people including my parents and grandparents lived tragically during the Cultural Revolution in 1966-1976?

(2) Since Chairman Mao Zedong is so great, why he was easily cheated, manipulated and utilized by others?

(3) Besides Lin Biao, Jiang Qing, Gang of Four, what were the roles played by other senior leaders of CCP such as Prime Minister Zhou Enlai during the Cultural Revolution?

(4) Since Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been always great, glorious and right (Wei Guang Zheng), why CCP has been making so many huge mistakes and bringing various disasters to Chinese people and the human being around the world since CCP seized power in 1949?

Several years ago, I made research on the Cultural Revolution, and found some shocking facts on the biggest disaster in China since CCP seized  power in 1949. It is very difficult to make research on the Cultural Revolution in mainland of China, because of censorship, firewall and brainwashing in mainland of China. CCP can fool all the people some of the time, some of the people all the time, but CCP can’t fool all the people all the time.

1 What are the goals of Cultural Revolution?

It’s just a “Game of Thrones” by CCP and Mao who sacrificed innocent hundreds of millions Chinese people including 2 generations of my family members. Mao’s goal is to regain his dominant power in China by getting rid of his political rivals & opponents such as Liu Shaoqi, Chairman of China. Mao was replaced by Liu Shaoqi & Deng Xiaoping after 1962, because of Mao’s big failure in Great Leap Forward, which led to approximately 30 million deaths in the Great Chinese Famine in 1958-1962. Mao utilized the Cultural Revolution as a tool to regain the absolute authority in China. 

2 What happened during the Cultural Revolution?

Keywords: Chaos, Violence, Disorder, Hell. 

The Cultural Revolution may be divided into 3 phases as follows. Each phase is a reallocation of power inside CCP.

2.1 Early stage: mass movement (1966-1968)

Mao launched the movement in May 1966 with the help of Cultural Revolution Group, soon calling on young people to “bombard the headquarters” and proclaiming that “to rebel is justified”. To eliminate his rivals within the CCP and in schools, factories, and government institutions, Mao charged that bourgeois elements had infiltrated the government and society and that they aimed to restore capitalism. He insisted that revisionists be removed through violent class struggle. China’s brainwashed youth and urban workers responded by forming Red Guards and Rebel Groups around the country, which began to hold struggle sessions regularly and grab power from local governments and CCP branches in 1967, eventually establishing the revolutionary committees. However, the groups often split into rival factions and involved in violent struggles, and the People’s Liberation Army had to be sent to restore order. 

My parents, uncles, aunts were forced to join Red Guards, because it is a label to protect themselves and survive from the mass movement. My grandparents were humiliated and forced to give up their properties.

2.2 Lin Biao phase (1969-1971)

Since 1969, Lin Biao, Vice Chairman of CCP, was written into the constitution as Mao’s successor. Lin Biao had compiled the Little Red Book, a selection of Mao’s sayings, that became a sacred text for Mao’s personality cult. Mao suggested the end of the Cultural Revolution in 1969, but the Revolution’s active phase lasted until at least 1971, when Lin Biao fled and died in a plane crash, accused of a botched coup against Mao.

2.3 “Gang of Four” and their downfall (1972-1976)

Mao became depressed and reclusive after the Lin Biao incident. Qiang Qing, Mao’s wife, allied herself with Wang Hongwen, Zhang Chunqiao and Yao Wenyuan, forming a political clique later pejoratively dubbed as the “Gang of Four”. In 1972, Gang of Four rose to power and the Cultural Revolution continued. After Mao’s death and the arrest of the Gang of Four in 1976, the Cultural Revolution finally came to an end.

In summary, Chinese people were in Hell during the Cultural Revolution.

3 What is the impact on society?

Cultural Revolution has a disaster impact on all the aspects of society including humanitarian crisis, economy, traditional culture (arts and literature, historical relics), religion/belief, academics/education, moral, foreign relations. 

During the Cultural Revolution, 

(1) Much economic activity was halted. 

(2) Massacres took place across mainland China, including the Guangxi Massacre (massive cannibalism occurred), the Inner Mongolia incident, the Guangdong Massacre, the Yunnan Massacres, the Hunan Massacres

(3) Violent Struggles frequently took place around China.

Nobody can keep themselves safe during the Cultural Revolution. Tens of millions of people were persecuted including my family members. My parents, uncles, aunts lost the opportunity of receiving education, because schools/colleges were closed. They were mobilized to go to the countryside in the Down To the Countryside Movement so they may learn from the peasantry. 

Due to time limit, I just talk more about impact on family/moral. In their revolutionary fervor, students especially the Red Guards denounced & tortured their teachers, and children denounced & tortured their parents. Many died through their ill-treatment or committed suicide. One of the most famous cases of attempted suicide due to political persecution involved Deng Xiaoping’s son, Deng Pufang, who jumped (or was thrown) from a four-story building after being “interrogated” by Red Guards. 

In order to enhance the boundless faith to Mao, Mao encouraged family members to expose each other about the loyalty degree to Mao. 

Chairman Mao Zedong created and utilized chaos and disorder to seize power, to allocate power. Abraham Lincoln (16th U.S. President) fights for the government of the people, by the people, for the people. However, Chairman Mao Zedong fights for the government of his family, by his family, for his family.

You may not believe in my description of the Cultural Revolution, because it’s too crazy. But you may verify it. Any doubt/criticism/open debate are welcome. 

4 What lessons can be learned from the Cultural Revolution?

(1) Forbid boundless faith to individual;

(2) Rule of Law;

(3) Freedom of religion/belief, speech, press, etc;

(4) Democracy;

(5) Separation of Powers.

History Museum of Cultural Revolution need to be built, in order to let young generation know the facts during the shocking period in human history, and to avoid the disaster made by CCP happening again.

Note: The above is the draft of Zhao as a guest to Bannon’s War Room Pandemic Ep 228 – Descent into Hell 8, Mao’s Cultural Revolution (w/ Lin and Zhao) 

Streamed live on Jun 13, 2020

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