CCP Media: US Dollar Crashes, US Isolated, Trump Losing Support?

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subtitles: 村长-班农粉

The Chinese Communist Party has been using the 3F plan 1, counterfeit dollar bills, Fentanyl, terrorist financing and COVID-19 Pandemic to weaken U.S. economy and destroy America, they have launched propaganda campaign at home circulating that US will collapse claimed by “Experts” and “BGY” 2 forces, etc. It is the same smear tactic applied on Miles Guo, the business tycoon, the pioneer and leading activist of the Whistleblower Movement. 

  • First they continually stir up misinformation that the U.S. economy will collapse and US dollar is crashing, to signal that there is no benefit to stand by U.S., thus investors lose confidence in America. Chinese Communist Party also cited the report by Bloomberg claiming the era of the dollar with “Exorbitant Privilege” will soon be over.   

Indeed, investors usually buy US Treasury securities as a safe asset because they have trust and confidence in the ability of the U.S. to pay its debts. US dollar has been used as a settlement currency in the international transaction and become the world’s reserve currency. It seems impossible to change this normality within short period as the reserve status is based largely on the size and strength of the U.S. economy, the world’s largest economy by far, and the dominance of the U.S. financial markets. Chinese Communist Party spreads misinformation that the dollar era will be over.  A dollar collapse will create global economic turmoil and China would not be spared. 

It is plain truth that the U.S. stock market is in a bubble. The market tumbles and Wall Street suffers, however it benefits the overall economic health in a long run. The powerful technology sector which is a huge component of the U.S. economy, determines whether in the future the economy has fundamental changes or not. With new tech giants’ rise like Tesla, SpaceX, U.S. economy is advancing, not stalling. U.S. economy’s collapse is not at all likely.

Bottom line is that America is rule of law society where private properties and personal wealth are protected. “Rinpoche Wang” 3 would rather hide wealth in America than China which is an act of “voting by foot”.  

Pandemic and Riot aftermath, the big burden on US; US media: Dollar may soon collapse – Besides saving deposit shortage becomes ticking bomb of dollar’s collapse. By the end of the first quarter, American’s net saving deposit volume decreased to 1.4% of …….
BCA Research: U.S. in “danger zone”, stocks will suffer – BCA Research’s Strategist Matt Gertken says, “The election puts a self-limiting factor into the equity rally. Either the market sells off in the short run…”… 
CNBC Host: Without reopening, U.S. economy is in trouble – CNBC famous host Jim Cramer says, “If lawmakers fail to strike a deal on another coronavirus relief measure, the delaying another bailout could send the U.S. economy into deeper troubles. Ideally, we’d keep everything closed until the federal government massively ramps up…”
The Era of Strong Dollar with “Exorbitant Privilege” is over, dollar’s collapse is coming – saving deposit’s crash triggers the increase of current account’s deficit which may surpass the record GDP -6.3% in 2005. 
  • The purpose of spreading the disinformation that U.S is isolated and laughed by the world is to band other countries together to isolate U.S. It is unrealistic as America shares common values, beliefs and similar religion with West. Wall Street and Davos do everything for their personal interests not the nation’s interest, but there is no way to stop the overthrowing of the CCP and bring justice to the world.

Having a mess to cleanup in home territory, U.S. won’t pay attention to rogue nations like Iran, North Korea, Venezuela and Zimbabwe, China can work with Union of South American Nations, African Union, Association of South East Asian nations and League of Arab States to isolate U.S. and establish Chinese hegemony with Renminbi as a settlement currency. 

Americans are awake to realize the CCP’s insanity and evil nature. More and more people support President Trump’s aggressive approach in dealing with Chinese Communist Party’s threat to America and to the world. Even pro-China Germany is disappointed about U.S. troops withdraw, how could U.S. be isolated? Instead Chinese Communist Party will be isolated and eventually overthrown.

American Media: U.S. is isolated worldwide – New York Times’ report on June 3, “Embattled at Home, Trump Finds Himself Isolated Abroad, Too”
American Media: Trump is isolated, European Allies Counts on U.S. – New York Times’ report on June 3, “Embattled at Home, Trump Finds Himself Isolated Abroad, Too”
America’s Reputation plunges? American Media: Trump Administration is isolated – Iranian media reports: U.S. is on the way to self destruction, during this period almost none comes out to speak for U.S…
Why are majority countries not sympathetic towards U.S.? – “What a messy America! America collapses!”
More bad news, U.S. is heading towards self destruction and making and confronting with world. – They leashed anger while raking money in by rioting and looting, however they broke the law. No matter what looting is illegal. If the protest is still on, US will collapse.  
Zhang, Weiwei: Japan and South Korea found US is unreliable.
  • Chinese Communist Party is afraid of President Trump and American justice which are the keys to take them down. President Trump was portrayed by CCP as a “maniac” who has no supporters, was betrayed by his own staff, and criticized by all. Some personal attacks go so low and really cross the line. The China state media, CCTV’s sharp criticism of Steve Bannon, Mike Pompeo and Peter Navarro reminds us of Great Criticism during the decade-long Cultural Revolution 
Is US Economy’s Collapse inevitable? Nobel Economist warns: One man is culprit – 4/24/2020 – He warned if Trump is reelected, US economy will collapse. He thinks 14% of American population depends on food stamp…
Former Defense Secretary Mattis openly criticizes Trump: He is dividing the nation – Mayor cries at the Black victim’s casket at memorial…  
Trump is in danger! Four former presidents voiced: Trump needs to be replaced – 2020 is a special year. Four former US presidents voiced against Trump who is in danger…
Zhang, Weiwei: The current American administration is not cultured, looked down upon. – Disclamation: The above content merely represents author’s opinion…
  • On the top of the smear campaign targeting US and President Trump, the Chinese Communist Party increasingly defamed the capitalism in the wake of the riot in U.S. However mounting evidence suggests communist instigation of rioting and Antifa’s involved. The far leftist Terrorist Organization Antifa which was a branch of German Communist Party, is against private ownership and promotes communism. Those lazy bums and violent mobs’ looting, stoking fire, and rioting are exactly the same as what the peasants in Communist Society did in the past, to “attack the landowners and distribute their lands”.

Capitalism may not be perfect, but is yet the best workable system which is the fundamental of US society. Freedom, democracy, rule of law make, the system of government, etc. make America the strongest and greatest in the world. The Chinese Communist Party defames Capitalism as they would like to fan up rioters to turn America to Communist slavery society. 

President Trump said: “……America will never be a socialist country.” The ghost of communism is destined to be eliminated in America and in China as well. 

American “Truth Debate”: America is paying the price for the collapse of capitalism culture – She pointed out that there are social problems in American society. People lost the values of respect, civilization and maturity promoted in1950’s, and paying the price for
Social unrest in America, capitalism – The evil nature of capitalism emerges. The breaking news early this morning is Space X launches…
Riot in US, maybe the beginning of the Capitalism’s collapse – escalated ….during last round, capitalism almost wiped out socialism, …  

CCP launched propaganda against U.S. defaming US is going down and will collapse. In alignment of saying “Shoot themselves in their feet”, the Chinese Communist Party will be isolated and Communism will be isolated. 


1 3F Plan – The plan to foment weakness, to foment chaos and to foment the destruction of America

2 “BGY” is Chinese Communist Party’s operation scheme – to use the threat of exposure, following wiretapping and/or internet surveillance, bribery or sexual involvement with a “liaison”, in order to blackmail people of interest into working for them.

3 Rinpoche Wang – The rich Chinese who believe in Tibetan Buddhism and worship the reincarnated Buddha.

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