A Policeman kneeled on a school girl’s neck—Minimum use of force?

Author : ILoveJustice(HKer)

Hong Kong Policemen pinned down a 16-year-old school student on the ground with kneels on June 12, a life-threatening tactic that caused the death of George Floyd earlier in the United States. While the policeman who was involved in Floyd’s death was put into justice, the one who treated a young lady inhumanly was said to adopt “the minimum use of force” appropriately.

左圖截圖:SCMP 影片截圖

The middle school student was arrested brutally on the peaceful commemoration of the first anniversary of the protest movement in Hong Kong. Nearly 9000 people were arrested during the year of protest. Among them, 40% were school students, and 4 of them were primary students. Kneeling on the head or neck of the protesters has been so “common” on the news broadcast that residents in Hong Kong were astonished at the mayhem in the US and Western countries caused by Floyd’s death. “It seems that the lives in Hong Kong are not as worthy as Floyd’s,” local netizens mocked because a southern Asian Hongkonger dead the same way on May 9 and hundreds of the protesters, if not thousands, had been arrested this way.

Hong Kong Police Force’s unspeakable brutality was just one side of the story. The malicious HKPF’s lying to the public to cover up the inhuman policing has been increasingly unbearable to the public. The police force told the press today that kneeling on the head of a 16-year-old schoolgirl was “appropriate because she struggled.” The police’s response ignited the public resentment because the skinny 6-year-old did not show any sign of struggling.

So far, none of the policemen held accountable for their illegal use of force, including mass arresting peaceful citizens participating legal, social events, insulting the detained protesters verbally and physically, sex assaulting the arrested and raping male and female detainees. The public anger has fermented to the extent that more than 70% of citizens ordered immediate disbanding the police force, and some even called for official recognition of HKPF as a terrorist organization.

Local news coverages on Hong Kong Police’s intimidating the arrested: “Don’t you believe that I will put stones in you backpack and throw you to the sea?” “You’ve got 3 FXXX girls.” “Yeah, I am choosing a good-looking one and rape her.” (Source: The Stand News)

The police stopped and searched a female university student and assaulted her “Bitch-like crotchet”. (Source: Apple Daily)


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Jun. 14, 2020