People’s Daily: The epidemic reflects the essence of “American human rights”

June 12, 2020 People’s Daily

The sudden outbreak of the corona various pneumonia epidemic is a “human rights examination” of countries around the world. Scientifically adopting epidemic prevention and control measures and ensuring people’s lives and health are the human rights responsibilities of governments of all countries. However, the tragedy of the US government’s poor response to the epidemic, which has caused the infection of about 2 million Americans and the death of more than 110,000 people, is a human rights disaster.

On June 11, the China Society for Human Rights Studies published an article ” The COVID-19 Pandemic Magnifies the Crisis of ‘U.S.-Style Human Rights’“, which cites a substantial  data from international authoritative institutions, facts reported by mainstream media, opinions expressed by professionals, and other information form  the US government and some politicians. The publicly released remarks comprehensively and objectively presented  situations of the human rights disaster in the United States, and  analyzed the self-interested short-sightedness, willful inefficiency, and irresponsibility of the US government in responding to the epidemic, which were the root causes of its human rights disaster, profoundly revealed the hypocrisy and crisis of “American-style human rights”, and further understood the essence of the “double standards” of “American-style human rights” for the international community.

The right to life and the right to health are universally recognized as the most basic human rights. The UN “International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights “stipulates that everyone enjoys the right to life, and the state is obliged to take active measures to protect the right to life. As a party to this convention, the US government failed to fulfill its due national obligations to protect people’s lives from the threat of epidemics. Instead, it placed domestic political party elections and the international political need to suppress China above the safety of people’s lives, missing the best time to stop the spread of the virus. Since it received intelligence in early January but ignored the early warning that the virus will spread in the United States, prioritizing the value ranking of capital interests when making anti-epidemic decisions, and then after the outbreak, some politicians in the United States regarded the outbreak as a way to seize power and party interests. All these facts are confirmed by the analysis on the website of the British “Independent News”: The United States always puts human rights “in its mouth” but ignores its human rights obligations and people’s lives.

The epidemic is like a mirror, reflecting the long-standing problems of social issues, polarization between the rich and the poor, racial discrimination, and weak protection of the rights and interests of vulnerable groups in the United States. In this epidemic, the American dignitaries have received special treatment for virus detection, the living conditions of the “bottom people” are becoming more and more difficult, and the working class is in a crisis of survival due to the high unemployment rate, exposing and exacerbating its inequality in class and economy. Asian groups suffered severe stigmatization attacks, African and Hispanic people suffered unequal treatment in the epidemic, racist violence occurred frequently, and racial discrimination in the United States intensified in the epidemic. The elderly has become the “victims” of the government’s ineffectiveness in the fight against the epidemic. The homeless have no place to stay in the epidemic. The situation of poor children and immigrant children is worrying. The vulnerable groups in the United States are struggling to survive. All these have not only highlighted the deep crisis of “American human rights” but also exposed the characteristics of “cruel capitalism” in the United States.

In the face of the epidemic, a series of “dumping pot” actions by the US government seriously deviated from the spirit of international human rights law. The principle of equality and non-discrimination is the core norm of international human rights law and is confirmed by a series of international human rights instruments such as “the Universal Declaration of Human Rights “. However, the US government officials disregarded human conscience and ethical bottom line and engaged in political manipulation in order to maintain their hegemony by using the epidemic situation to maliciously “stigmatize” China, resulting in stigmatization, exclusion and violence against certain groups of people. “It is inexcusable that it does not comply with the obligations of international human rights law.” International cooperation is the cornerstone for maintaining the survival and operation of the international community. It is an important principle for ensuring the implementation of human rights and fundamental freedoms at the global level. It is also an obligation of all countries recognized by United Nations Constitution” and other international laws. However, in order to shirk its responsibility for the weak epidemic, the US government tried to make WHO a “scapegoat”, suspended the payment of WHO dues and even announced the termination of its relationship with WHO, undermining the global joint epidemic. During the epidemic, the US government still imposed sanctions on Iran, Cuba, Venezuela and other countries, which made it difficult for sanctioned countries to obtain medical supplies needed for anti-epidemic in a timely manner, seriously threatened the people’s right to life and health, and seriously violated the humanitarian spirit and international relations guidelines .

The happy life of the people is the greatest human right. Facing and improving human rights issues is an important sign of the progress of human civilization and a common pursuit of the contemporary international community. Advising some politicians in the United States to collapse to the “double standard” trick of human rights as soon as possible, to take back the domineering nature as early as possible, to reflect on all kinds of human rights problems that they have, and to return to the right path of fulfilling their own human rights obligations and shouldering the responsibility of promoting the development of the world’s human rights, back to the road of uniting and cooperating to respond to the epidemic and maintaining global public health security.


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