Hong Kong’s Educators Fear A Tighter Grip on Teachers

Author: FineFood

New mandatory training programmes which include the latest development of education of CCP’s China has sparked debates and worries among local professionals after it was announced in a recent circular issued by Hong Kong’s educational authority. Although the detailed contents of the controversial section are yet to be released, the document expressed that it would be solely prepared and provided by the government. The new arrangements will be implemented 3 months later when the new school year starts. Global Times of the CCP claimed, based on their “understanding”, that topics on the Basic Law would be inserted.

Unlike what is being maintained by the Global Times, that the latest measures received applause from the local educators, there is a widespread fear that the administration of the Hong Kong SAR intends to indoctrinate teachers by implementing a form of mind-control, contended the legislative representative of the educational sector in a radio interview.

The Education Bureau responded the queries with a press release that is filled with the smell of gunpowder. It accused the organisations that question the policy of “organizations having self-serving ulterior motives” which politicise and demonise the government’s proposals.

Such antagonistic attitude adopted by the administration is in line with the latest gestures expressed by the Secretary for Education Kevin Yeung Wai-hung. Just a few days ago he issued letters to principals of all schools to urge them to punish students who speak out against the government. Does he, under the guidance of the CCP, see himself a servant to the general public or a warrior in combatting everybody who disobeys? The answer seems quite obvious now.


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Jun. 12, 2020