Say NO to a Cultural Revolution in America

Writen by GM70 and reviewed by Mark

No! No! No!

Yesterday a sculpture was pulled down next to the Minnesota government. This sculpture was erected on the lawn outside the state capitol in 1931. It commemorates the discovery of the New World of America by Columbus (1492).

Today it was forcibly pushed off its moorings by these shameless people, and desecrated. Watching the news caused me to burst into tears. Worry and fear that this may be the reappearance of the nightmare on earth: the Cultural Revolution in China 50 years ago.

God, please use your power, your authority, to stop all this!

All of the cataclysmic things that have appeared in the United States appeared in the era of Mao Zedong. They smashed and robbed everywhere, ruined the four old things [customs, culture, habits, ideas], and destroyed ancient historical buildings.

As a person who grew up in the bloody chaos of those Chinese years of 1966-76, I strongly appeal: STOP! A country that will always be the greatest — the United States of America — cannot imitate such madness.

What we want is the same wish of President Trump’s: make America strong again!

The United States is a place full of democracy, legality, and freedom in the minds of people all over the world. We are here, far away from family and homeland, seeking that dream. We embarked on a road of no return because we had enough of the evil state of Chinese Communism. The Party is still full of bloody brutality, moral deception, and wealth plunder.

From the moment I raised my hand to be an American citizen, I was struggling for life for the purpose of protecting our new country. So, I want to loudly warn those who yearn to have the United States go down the same dead end followed by the CCP.

The United States must not continue this suicidal Cultural Revolution! The Founding Fathers — so easily condemned and reviled by today’s radicals — had more common sense and wisdom than the founders of any country on earth.

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Jun. 12, 2020