God is on our side

By Arthur (文徐)

Too many days in my life, I asked myself, is there truly God(s) above and over-watching US? If so, why there are so many agonies go unnoticed and bad guys walk free and die in their own beds? If not, I cannot explain too many things happened in my own life. Whenever I get on my knees and pray to our lord, I do not even have to whisper my Wishes, it will work out even better than I could possibly imagine?

Ever since 2017, followers of Miles learned about all kinds of horrific things happened in China under ruling of the evil CCP (Chinese communist Party). From that point, we witnessed the outrageous cruelty of CCP police or PLA imposters in Hong Kong and world financial market. Yes, there were so many times that we get emotional and cry out loud to our dear Lord, why won’t you simply send CCP to hell. While, as an adult, of course, we can appreciate the fact that nothing is going to go simply like that. In the press conference 2017, Miles warned the western world the darkness is coming and CCP is going to be at war with the entire civilization. Painfully, What Miles said about Hong Kong (dead bodies floating in the water) happened, CCP will not even blink their eyes to use bio-weapons or biochemical weapons on the world, this too have happened and still killing people by thousands on a daily basis, CCP’s attempt on the sabotage democracy of Taiwan happened but luckily in vain so far.

When the world is suffering from the pain, we asked ourselves what if we have listened to Miles’s warnings and took actions two years ago, without CCP, every loss could have been avoided. Only there is no “if” in the real life.

God is watching us, mostly in silence. I often ask in pain, Lord, I cannot take more of this miserable world, why do we allow something like CCP possess our country for 70 years. Don’t you love your people anymore? Then, I realize, cost always comes with actions, and great balance is maintained by dear Lord in means of non-comprehended measures. The devils feed on blood, so they will kill the innocents just like they will slaughter themselves. Few lords of the devils, Wang Qishan, Sun Lijun and Meng Jiangzhu who are among the evilest of CCP, now are treated by the CCP general secretary Xi just like these guys used to harm other people and their families.

Through the hands of Miles, great Allies of The Whistle Blower Movement like Mr President Trump, Kyle Bass, and Steve Bannon, are working around the clock to make sure that CCP totalitarian get what they deserve, whether it is blood shed to those getting killed in Hong Kong or the millions of Uyghurs got put in concentrate campus.

On the day of declaration of the New Federal State of China, When Miles bite to draw blood from his own veins, the lighting strike, from the back sky of the salute of The Statue of Liberty, this is an echo of God acceptance of Miles and his followers’ determination to end the regime of CCP. May Lord put our enemy in our hands, just like thy used to put the enemy of David into his hands. Truly there is no God but thy and God is on our side in this war against CCP.

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6 months ago

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10 months ago

Mr. Guo,
I am greatful that you have began to expose what has been going on within the communist gangs. I am thinking that Cyrus Parsa would be an indispensible resourse to expose how the CCP perpetrates these repressions to freedom. He has done all the research and is ready to expose them through the courts but needs the financial backing. He is just awesome. He is on your side as I am.

9 months ago
Reply to  Anita1000

Very interesting video.