Miles on HK Protest Anniversary, ANTIFA, and More

By: 老姜, Tom Cat, abba

Editor: abba

June 9

Over the past week, all the news headlines in China have been “The United States is Finished”, “Trump is Done”, “American Economy is Down the Drain”. If the United States does not take action now against the CCP, by next year, when the US economy tanks as a direct result of said inaction, a significant number of people will lose their jobs, and along the way, more racial conflicts will be ignited.

CCP’s new propaganda: Today’s USA leaders are not well-educated…

By then, all around the world, federations of nations will occur. The Federation of African nations, and of western Asian nations will unite against the United States. And as a direct result, the price of crude oil per gallon will crash, causing the US dollar to devalue. All the Americans who are poor and/or on welfare will take to the street and consequently, the already dwindling middle class will pay the price of it all. Of course, the CCP will not invade the US. But communistic ideals have already landed in America, in the form of ANTIFA.

June 9th marks the first anniversary of the start of the protests in Hong Kong. The date has become a pivotal moment in global politics. It also marks the day on which the CCP took its first leap towards demise. Leave it to history to acknowledge that it was the Whistleblowers Movement that saved the millennials of Hong Kong. The Whistleblowers Movement was the catalyst behind the protests in Hong Kong. Failing to protect Hong Kong, as a result of foreign relations based on bribery and capitalistic greed, will become the biggest mistake that the United States, the United Kingdom, and the rest of the world have ever made. Hong Kong has had to stand alone and fend for itself because of the United States’ inaction. The people of Hong Kong are well-prepared, and they are determined to win. It is a similar fight of which the people of Taiwan had fought and won. The United States has been failing to uphold justice across the world! On the streets of Hong Kong, countless mainland Chinese like Miles Guo are protesting against the CCP. I humbly ask the people of Hong Kong to not push the fellow supporters from mainland China aside. There are many mainland Chinese, on the streets of Hong Kong, also risking their lives. People in Hong Kong have no other alternatives but to take a stand. Victory is on Hong Kong’s side! The CCP very well understands that its reign is coming to an end as a result of the formation of the New Federal State of China. There is no money coming in from the United States. The Hong Kong dollar will become worthless due to the unrest. Those political officials responsible will be punished. And with Hong Kong no longer able to be used as a CCP money laundering hub, the CCP can only turn to taking advantage of everyday citizens. 

The president of the United States and Congress have seen the ceremony of the Declaration of the New Federal State of China and its rerun, at least twice. After viewing, no one has reacted with denial or insult. There has not been a single attack from Western media, either. Not a single objection to the formation of the New Federal State of China has been uttered from any politicians or independents. Not one! The US mainstream media are in the process of interviewing Mr. Hao Haidong and Mrs. Ye Zhaoying. The CCP has ordered two members of the Politburo Standing Committee to join forces in a mission to silence and dissolve our Whistleblowers Movement, even going as far as desperately creating a New Federation of China special emergency task force. The CCP is petrified. It is impossible for the CCP to stop its abuse of the helpless Chinese people. As Chinese, we should learn to be independent in spirit instead of kneeling down at all times. 

The New Federation of China, in many ways, has yet to reach national standard, and it should not be a caliber reached hastily. Of course, issuing passports is possible. However, it will depend on when the CCP decides to start ceasing from within. There are no guarantees, and we should not harbor any unrealistic expectations. Successful or not, in the end, everything depends on the efforts of those involved. We do not rely on the recognition of any other countries because we are not going to follow the ways that the CCP operates with. We have been given full blessing on the formation of the New Federal State of China by the United States of America, it currently still being the leader of the free world. There are no concerns regarding the New Federal State of China passports besides that it takes time. We are reviewing foreign travel agreements on par of being able to travel to the US with visas granted on arrival. We are evaluating on making arrangements with the US or the European Union. The Himalayas initiatives will expand through volunteerism in the future. Our biggest capital will be our human capital. The New Federation of China will unite people of Chinese descent from all over the world. We will lead the Chinese people toward globalization. It is Chinese people who will determine the direction for the New Federation of China because, in the end, the starting point of the hierarchy for political powers should be restored to the people!

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