HK government lied on the death of protestors

Hong Kong government lied on the death of protestors by fabricating the statistic numbers. Sources revealed that the death toll of the protesters had exceeded 11,000.

In 2017 and 2018, the cases of suicide were 744 and 736, respectively. In 2019, the number rocketed to 1042.and 8148 bodies were founded, according to Netizen’s database.

However, John Lee Ka-chiu, Secretary for Security, reported that in 2018, 7828 bodies were found and 667 suicide cases and the numbers for 2017 and 2016 were basically at the same level.

However, the death report in 1992 revealed that Lee is a flat lair. According to the statistic of mortality released by the colonial government of Hong Kong, the death rate was 3.0 per 1000 population. So, the annual death of Hong Kong today should be around 22,500. Therefore, the unnatural death would amount to around 40% of death annually for four consecutive years. This is outrageously ridiculous. The only possible conclusion is that in 2019, unnatural death disproportionally high. But almost every case was treated as unsuspicious by the police.

The conclusion is clear: the police force was highly suspicious of killing civilians, most of whom might be protestors. This explains why a great number of frontline protesters have prepared a declaration before taking to the street; it read, “If my body is found, it is not because of suicide. I will NOT commit suicide, anytime, anywhere.”

Hong Kong is struggling for life. The methods of avoiding being tracked have been circulated in social media. Some youngsters were attacked, and others, even 10-year-olds, are at stake. A generation of desperate youth in a doomed city striving for the last chance to survive for the sake of freedom and democracy. Disastrous but ridiculous—Hong Kong is in the dark age.

The lies and death that Hong Kong has witnessed during the year of protests are just half of the story. The Chinese Communist Party aims to destroy the rest of the world if the international community fails to make concerted efforts to put the evil regime into justice.

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Gov lied, ppl died.