Pro-Democracy Lawmaker held press conference on him being stalked

Civic Party lawmaker Jeremy Tam Man-ho was stalked and photoed by two men with Mandarin accent, apprantly from Mainland China, on June 5.

On June 6, he held a press conference to call for public attention on the matter . He stated that once the national security law is implemented, the Chinese Communist Party government can send people to follow any Hong Kong citizen like him in broad daylight or even take them to China.

Tam stressed that the two stalkers were hostile and suspected that they were following him to learn his daily habits. He suspected that one day he could be found “in an accident” while driving his motorcycle.

Tam was not the one only pro-democracy lawmakers being stalked in Hong Kong. Similar reports were also recounted by Joshua Wong.

Source: InMedia HK

Contributor: GM02

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Jun. 09, 2020