America’s Proposed Sanctions Against Hong Kong Mocked

Author: FineFood

“Life is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing” (Macbeth) is the quote employed an article published in the South China Morning Post on 8 June 2020, penned by David Dodwell, in his mockery assessment of the sanctions so far declared by Trump’s administration. A translated summary of the article was reproduced by the CCP’s mouthpiece Global Times.

As highlighted by the reproduction, the plan of sanction might encompass four areas, namely tariffs, rejection of the Hong Kong Dollar, limitations to the access to sensitive technologies and personal sanctions against Hong Kong and Chinese officials. Given that the service sector dominates the export of Hong Kong, the denial of Hong Kong Dollar was considered unrealistic, the fact that Hong Kong had never been the peck in developing sensitive technologies and the destined-to-be-comical sanctions on officials, the plan could do more harm to the United States than to the two Asian economies. If the strong protection of her beneficial status in the WTO is added to the consideration, the American’s wish to cancel the city’s independent trade identity would become a waste of effort.

Obviously the CCP shares a similar assessment. Time will tell if this optimistic is well-founded. But it would be reasonable to expect that they have already devised a plan in response to the American trade measures. In other words, the CCP is not likely to concede and will implement their grand strategy until their last moment. As Mr. Miles Guo of the Whistleblowing Movement has been reiterating, Hong Kong is an important battlefield between CCP and the free world.


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Jun. 09, 2020