Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Supports the National Security Law, Again

Author: FineFood

Carrie Lam,the puppet Chief Executive of Hong Kong has expressed her firm support for the tailor of the National Security Law passed by National People’s Congress (NPC). She maintained that the move was “understandable”, “reasonable” and should receive the support of many local citizens.

Parroting the official justifications laid down by the CCP, Lam pointed finger at the advocacy for “independence”, “self-determination” and “referendum” in the city in recent years. She considered it a harm to national sovereignty, security and developmental interests. She explained that since the legislation for Article 23 of the Basic Law, which stipulated the requirement of passing local statutes over the concerned matter, was not likely to be accomplished in a foreseeable future, the exercise of the regime’s constitutional power to finish the task would be the right thing for them to do at this critical moment.

For Lam, there could be no question about the constitutionality and legality of the NPC’s move. She urged the people to cooperate with the work for the legislation and offer opinions regarding the necessity and significance of this very law which aimed at punishing a tiny group of criminals and offenders.

Obliterating what one does not want to face and magnifying what one does want to say are old tactics for justifying a cause. Promises of democracy, universal suffrage and an autonomous local governance are removed from the agenda. Probably the CCP believes it is the right moment to finally reveal what they truly uphold with the help of their influential power built in the city and around the world.

Source: https://dy.163.com/article/FEKA62390514R9OJ.html

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Jun. 09, 2020