Trump Holds Chinese Foreign Students as Hostages?

Author: Sein

NetEase ( published an article on June 5 with the title of “China Has Won? US Finally Releases Its Hostages as Trump Busies Himself Dealing with Civil Uproar”, in which it makes the bizzare claim that Trump refused to make the 4 hundred thousand Chinese students to return to their homeland because he wanted to keep them as “hostages” in order to threat China.

The narrative deliberately depicts Trump as “desperate” who “resorted to” retaliating China by “seizing” the Chinese foreign students, because he was “fitful” that the Chinese government “rightfully” turned down his “unabashed begging” to restore the Sino-US airlines. It further infers that the US society in a whole, due to this event, has “exposed their long-term discrimination” on the Chinese students. The article also claims that it is a “frequently deployed stunt” of the White House to keep “innocent common people” as hostages in its “relentless schemes against China”. Besides, the article does not even pretend to mask its Schadenfreude about the high rate of deaths in the US, and even calls out to the US, calling it “the den of virus” and laughs that “no country will want to open airlines with it anymore”.

The hyperbolic language with which it chooses to write has the sole purpose to manipulate the readers’ emotions to hate America and despise America and fear America. Billions of Chinese people who read these news feed everyday may unfortunately be put under this spell, if they are unsuspecting.

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Jun. 08, 2020