A Prayer Answered. A New China Born

(Lady May at Statue of Liberty in the morning of June 4th, 2020. Source: G-TV)

On June 4th, 2020, the New Federal State of China was born in New York City.  It was the outcome of the Whistleblower Revolution, led by Mr. Miles Guo (a.k.a. Miles Kwok, Wengui Guo.)  The Declaration ceremony was conducted in front of the Statue of Liberty and live-broadcasted on the internet.  Tens of millions watched the live broadcast.  Here are some anecdotes behind the scene.  They are not only interesting but also telling.

The Venue of the Event

The Statue of Liberty is the perfect venue for such a historic event. The colossal sculpture is the best symbolic representation of the political goals of the Whistleblower Revolution. Mr. Guo picked this iconic venue to express his desire for freedom for all people, especially the Chinese people under the tyranny of the Chinese Communist Part (CCP,) his gratitude towards the United States opening her arms welcoming dissidents like him and immigrants from all over the world, and his vision for building the New Federal State of China based on the best democratic model – the American democracy.

The plan of the ceremony was perfect until the Coronavirus lockdown.  The water in New York Harbor was literally a “no sail zone.”  How could Mr. Guo and his event planners obtain the approvals to hold such an event remains unknown, but one could imagine how “impossible” that was. But he and his team pulled it off.  His luxury yacht, Lady May, along with several smaller supporting boats, were the ONLY vessels in sight around Liberty Island. They did not need to stand out! They were the only ones! Because of the fortuitous “no sail zone,” the event achieved maximum impact on the viewers. No distractions! 

The Date of the Declaration

The ceremony was conducted on June 4th, 2020, which became the National Day of the New Federal State of China.  This day was also the 31st anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre, a day that hundreds even thousands of pro-democracy protesters and by-standers were reported to have been killed. The date, June 4th, is a deep cut on the minds of generations of Chinese, becoming deeper and deeper over three decades.  It is the most feared day by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP); every year, CCP pours in huge amounts of effort to put out any mentioning of this special day, the pro-democracy movement in 1989, and what actually happened. For 30 years, people around the world gathered on June 4th to commemorate the pro-democracy movement, and mourn those who were killed by soldiers with machine guns and tanks. Hong Kong, for example, organized candlelight gatherings every year since 1989, even during its own bloodshed since June 2019.

But for 30 years, CCP stays in power.  People did not think it would be anything different this year, until the declaration ceremony of a new state!  The event was highly anticipated by millions of supporters of the Whistleblower Revolution around the world, who are pro-democracy and call for the eradication of CCP. The event apparently shocked the CCP in an unprecedented way.  The fact that there has been zero reporting of this huge event in its state-controlled media and CCP’s censoring any mentioning, direct or indirect, of the event on social media indicating how fearful the CCP is of the event and the new Federal State of China.

In June 2019, Mr. Guo announced that the next June 4th (2020) would become the National Day of a “new China.” Many doubted whether he could pull it off.  So many “big shots” ridiculed him privately or publicly.  He and his supporters did pull it off! And this June 4th was different!

(Image: Hong Kong Candlelight Vigil in the Night of June 4th, 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic. Source: supchina.com)

Coronavirus lockdown has been in effect in New York City for months and the streets were dotted with few cars and people around 8 AM in the morning. The sky was empty, no longer busy with helicopters and jetliners like it used to, partly because the air traffic was low, and partly because of the ominous weather.  A huge thunderstorm was looming. New Yorkers just woke up and started their morning routines. Suddenly, a group of planes with trailing banners “New Federal State of China” flew over and circling New York City.  The thundering engine roar of the planes and the “abnormal” sky caught people’s attention instantly.  Social media right away buzzed with questions: What is this? What is the Federal State of New China? New York City is close to a no fly zonebut how the planes could fly at all?  The fortuitous empty sky and the lockdown actually maximized people’s attention the event hoped to attract.

And the Prayer

If you are like me who love WWII history, you must know about the famous prayer by General Patton on better weather. During the Battle of Bulge in December, 1944.  101st Airborne was besieged at Bastogne, but for months, the immoderate rains had plagued the Allies’ air supremacy and slowing down Patton’s formidable Third Army pushing forward to relieve them.

General Patton on Dec. 8 ordered Head Chaplain of the Third Army, James H. O’Neill, a Catholic priest, to write a “good prayer on weather.” “We must do something about those rains if we are to win the war.” O’Neill wrote a short prayer and reported back to Patton.  Patton then ordered to print 250,000 copies of the prayer cards and distribute them to everyman of the Third Army. After that, long story short, the weather cleared and remained perfect for six days.  Patton’s Third Army charged ahead with unprecedented speed, destroyed completely any resistance along its way, and ultimately relieved the 101st Airborne as well as won the greatest battle ever fought by American forces. Well, if the above short history lesson gave you thrills like it does to me every time I read it, you would be thrilled by what Stephen K. Bannon told on June 5th about his extraordinary experience during the ceremony in the previous day.  (Mr. Bannon stood together with Mr. Guo during the ceremony and read the English version of the Declaration of New Federal State of China.)

(Image: Miles Guo and Stephen K. Bannon Declared the New State of China on June 4th, 2020. Source: G-TV)

The weather was bad in the morning of the Declaration Day.  Pilots worried that the storm would prevent them from taking off or flying. Mr. Bannon thought the ceremony would be conducted inside the Lay May, Mr. Guo’s luxurious Yacht in front of the Statue of Liberty.  He was surprised when Mr. Guo told him they would be outside conducting the ceremony.  Mr. Bannon expressed concerns about the torrential rain that had been pouring that morning.  What Mr. Guo did after their conversation surprised him.  Mr. Guo told everyone that he “would take care of it.”  He then went to pray! He came back about 20 minutes or so later and said to Mr. Bannon that the weather “would be OK.”  And it turned out to be OK just as Mr. Guo said, which shocked Mr. Bannon.  The weather cleared up right before the planned opening time of the ceremony. Planes did take off, and Guo and Bannon conducted the declaration ceremony smoothly on a racing boat right in front of the Statue of Liberty. Upon completion of the ceremony, and barely put their foot back on the deck of Lady May, rain started pouring down again! If they were off the small window by a minute, earlier or later, they would be drenched, no planes would have been taken off, and there would not have been a ceremony. No one knows what words were in Mr. Guo’s prayer for good weather.  Some day, I hope Mr. Guo would share the prayer with us. Just like the outcome of the Battle of the Bulge, and the entire war effort in Europe hinging on the weather in 1944, the Declaration ceremony, the fate of the New China, and the fate of the entire world hinged upon the weather as well on June 4, 2020.  What a coincidence! Or is it?

(Image: General Patton’s Card of Prayer on Good Weather. Image source: conservativepost.com)

In below, I share General Patton’s famous prayer.

Almighty and most merciful Father, we humbly beseech Thee, of Thy great goodness, to restrain these immoderate rains with which we have had to contend. Grant us fair weather for Battle. Graciously hearken to us as soldiers who call upon Thee that, armed with Thy power, we may advance from victory to victory, and crush the oppression and wickedness of our enemies and establish Thy justice among men and nations.

To me, the historic Declaration of the New Federal State of China, its fortuitous timing and venue, and the “mysterious” experience with the weather during the event all point to one thing: blessing of God on the New Federal State of China.

In December 1944, General Patton’s prayer marked the beginning of the end of the Third Reich.  75 years later, Mr. Guo’s prayer was answered too.  It marks the beginning of the eradication of the Chinese Communist Party.  And, a New State was born!

Back to 1944. General Patton said of the Chaplain after seeing the miraculous outcome of the prayer, “God damn! Look at the weather.  That O’Neill sure did some potent praying.  Get him up here. I want to pin a medal on him.”  The Chaplain came to Patton the next day.  “Chaplain, you’re the most popular man in this headquarters.  You sure stand in good with the Lord and the soldiers.” And O’Neill received a Bronze Star Medal.

Mr. Guo sure stand in good with the Lord and the soldiers – the formidable fighters of the Whistleblower Revolution.

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