Students Abandoned By Their School

Author: Red Devil

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Hundreds of parents in Xiangmi Lake community were shocked by a message released on May 29th, 2020. The applications for their kids to their community school, Shenzhen Senior High School (SSHS), were all rejected on the deadline. From the school official’s explanation, the sole reason was because the families’ apartments did not belong to the category “1st class commercial housing”.

It’s unacceptable to the parents since these apartments were always in this school districts of SSHS. However, after 3 days’ waiting, the families got a firm “No” with this odd interpretation.

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When the parents tried to resolve the issues with the government and school, the related authorities kept passing the buck, giving the parents nothing but despair.

This is the reflection of the education and real estate system of CCP. The government utilizes the “school district” as a trick to stimulate the rapid increase of the community housing price. The unit price of the apartments in Xiangmi Lake is over 100,000 RMB/m2 ($1305/sq.ft) whereas the annual residents’ personal income in Shenzhen is less than 60,000 RMB (about $8,467 per year). A large number of families spend all their savings from several generations to pay the down payment for this ~500sq.ft

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From: The unit housing price is more than 100,000 RMB/m2    

Due to the continuously increasing housing price and more luxurious apartments have been constructed, the SSHS was not large enough to meet the community residents’ demand. However, the CCP government does not take people’s benefit as their priority. From the journalist’s investigation, the acceptance policy was changed at the last minute because the government wanted to assign the quotas to the families owning the new luxurious apartment cost more than 10,000,000 RMB ($140,000). Just as kids from Xiangmi Lake community were abandoned by the school, Chinese people were abandoned by the CCP government over and over again when they cannot make any “financial contribution”. Chinese people compare this political strategy to “cutting the leek”. People’s assets are like leeks. Every time they grow high enough, they are harvested by the government.

Ironically, the so-called “excellent education” that the parents are fighting for their kids does nothing but eliminating students’ critical and independent thinking. CCP continuously emphasizes the importance of political education, which does not teach you the way the vote, but “the history proves that Socialism and CCP leadership is the only way to provide Chinese people the happy life”. It seems hilarious, but it is true that during the 19th National Congress of the CCP, the nurseries were mandated to gather all their toddlers to watch president Xi’s speech. When the private assets and capability of thinking are both deprived, there is no hope left for this ethnic group and the nation.

中国多家幼儿园组织幼童观看习近平在中共十九大开幕式讲话。(网络照片 2017年10月18日)
From: Chinese nurseries organize toddlers watching president Xi’s speech    
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