“Patriot” needs to be redefined! Hong Kong frontline comrades said

None of us Chinese are safe.

In today’s society in 2020, there still exists such a bullying logic regime, do you believe it? From past history to the present, how many people and children have taken to the streets and have given their lives to this unsafe country? ! Fighting for justice and conscience? ! “Patriot” needs to be redefined! The Communist Party of China has slandered the sacred title of “Patriot”, fooled the people by relying on the sophistry propaganda of the CCP, and slandered the brain cells of Chinese children. It is time and today that we need to put this belief and this spirit back on top of the Himalayas and liberate the Chinese people.

Why from here? Because you can see clearly and far away; see deeply and broadly. It must not be poisoned by the devil’s party, the model of atheistic governance that only understands fear of obedience, only uses greed and destruction, and only thinks of self-inflated ambition and arbitrariness. Otherwise, in a few hundred years, due to the distortion of Chinese thinking and the lagging of knowledge exploration, we can know that races that lack competitiveness will be eliminated by the world, and Chinese children will disappear on the earth! I believe that everyone is born with my own kindness. The hostage is changed by the recipient system. A good system nurtures a good and healthy personality; a bad system creates an evil executioner. From 1949 to 2020 this year, it is time to end!

June 4th is the beginning and the end. They ended their arrogant lies and slaughter; they started with the beauty, goodness and freedom of the new Chinese Federation. It is difficult for us in this world to find a word to describe what the communist dictatorship has done. But today, the firewall will quickly collapse, and the mask of hypocrisy will be torn apart, bringing the Chinese trapped in the invisible blood wall back to their free and prosperous world.

Fellow citizens, do you remember the so-called Korean War in the 1950s? Are there bloody campaigns of political struggles? Did the so-called plunge into the famine of the three years from the late 1950s to the 1960s? Was the Cultural Revolution of 10 years in 66 years? Are the 89 Democracy Movement and Hong Kong Anti-Amendment Movement? In the past, you can remember, but today Hong Kong continues to fight! Can you pretend to be deaf and dumb? The mouth is full of the pro-Chinese tone of the patriotic love party. The first behind him is the first corrupt official who collects money to send abroad and immigrant children run abroad. Do you really not know the truth? !

Did you know that the number of abnormal deaths in Chinese history in the past few decades, arranged head to foot, can reach the moon almost halfway away? The Devil Party often misjudges the conscience of human nature and the progress of society, filling the lives of ordinary people into their abyss of error. Are you clear or hardened? Today I want to tell you the fact that the New China Federation has been established. And the world will change dramatically. If it’s not really your concern, you can’t deny that you are wearing a mask when walking on the street. You have been affected by the Devil Party all the time. Your wealth is slowly becoming worthless due to the devil’s stall. The establishment of the new Chinese Federation today is to provide the Chinese people with a preparation for the Garden of Eden. We are proud of this, and we look forward to it. Pride is because we are not afraid of power and achievement; hope is because we have freedom and democracy and live in peace.

Tianyou Beijing and Tianyou Hongkong.

The Tiananmen Democracy Movement in Beijing 31 years ago. Those of us who have experienced Hong Kong are the generation who can best understand what the Communist Party is all about. That year began with the mourning of Hu Yaobang on April 15, 1989, and ended in the early morning of June 4, 1989, when the People’s Liberation Army of the People’s Liberation Army washed Tiananmen Square. Thirty-one years later, it is still a relay in time and space between our young people in Hong Kong and the younger generation of college students in Beijing. This belief will be passed on unflinchingly. Just this year, the strong push of the Hong Kong version of the National Security Law announced for the first time the ban on the commemoration of the June 4 Victoria Park in Hong Kong, revealing the brutal nature of the CCP’s one country, one system dictatorship. They tried to wipe out this disgraceful history of tyranny and banned voices. But how can this scar be so easily worn away? ! Never will!

Over the past 31 years, we have been reflecting on our new generation of Hong Kong student organizations from the political cold feeling that with the tear gas incident in September 2014, the localized June 4th thinking in Hong Kong has really changed and it has to be ideologically Facing fear and being no longer affected by Tiananmen Square 64, we are officially on the road to struggle. How can young people rely on the CCP to give us democracy? ! How can the next generation believe that the CCP really gives us freedom? ! At that time, Li Peng’s words and unbelief turned into a “motto” that could never be compromised with the CCP.

Taiwan’s Sky Lantern prayed for Hong Kong’s 64 this year. The Declaration of June 4th issued by the Washington Club Press Conference still conveyed a firm message: “Never forget, never give up, reunite, and set off again.” Once again proves the students of the Beijing Democratic Movement The universal value between the students fighting against Hong Kong is democracy. Hong Kong young volunteers should not be based on the ruling regime of the Communist Party of China. So it’s not difficult to understand that the iron horse in Victoria Park was blocked on the night of June 4th. The young people pushed it away without hesitation, regaining their previous firmness and maintaining their legacy.

Restoring Hong Kong, the revolution of the times.

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