Miles On the Thoughtful Design of the Flag of The New Federal State of China

Author : 彩翼满花间,abba

We must explain the design of the flag! What does the red represent on the CCP’s flag? Red is fresh blood. According to the Five Elements of Daoism, red represents Fire. And what extinguishes fire? What is the color of Water? It is blue. What do we do with the blue of our flag? We are going to extinguish the CCP’s fire!

I want to remind everyone- the CCP has always positioned itself at the center of everything. Look at the flag of the CCP and see how a big 5-point star is surrounded by four smaller stars arranged into a crescent moon shape, located at the upper left-hand corner of the flag. It displays “Five stars rising from the East”. As we all know for the CCP, it was never about leading the People of China to rise from the East. The CCP has maintained its fire throughout the years by consolidating its power in the East, creating an era of “Blood Regime” within China. But this year is the Year of the Thunderbolts, and we will extinguish the CCP’s terrible fire once and for all!

I want to bring attention to The New Federal State of China’s flag.  On our flag, the centerpiece is a transfiguration of the Chinese character “中” (pronounced zhong, meaning unity, central, center, middle). This “中” zhong is composed of the 49 cosmic stars and a star core, located in the center, in which they encompass. Our core belief determines our fate of the universe. Our mind, spirit and desires unite to form a trinity. The heaven, Earth and our souls combined to create our existence. Now, this concept of “中” zhong on our flag, this unity, when used by the CCP, degenerates into discord. The CCP’s definition of “中” zhong is to use totalitarian means to consolidate power. Look at the flag of the CCP, it is an unbalanced and vulgar flag. Notice the position of where the five stars are located. They are arranged near the upper left-hand corner. How does this represent unity? It does do a wonderful job of representing the CCP’s using of unnatural and forced means to unite the will of the people. Looking at the flag, every star must serve the biggest star with no free will to choose otherwise.

Located at the northwestern corner of the flag, facing the southwestern corner, the position of the stars represents vulgarity and power in Daoism. According to Feng Shui, the intercardinal directions hold special meanings. The northwestern corner highlights Promiscuity. The northeastern corner highlights Great Evil. The southeastern corner highlights Wealth and the Universe. The southwestern corner represents Power. Understanding those concepts, you can see how the CCP has been positioning themselves. With the stars located on the northwestern corner, overlooking the southwestern corner, it alludes to the CCP’s practice of using vulgar means to consolidate power, forgetting all about its promises to serve the People. Because the CCP wants to provide a service, it should be left to the will of the people to give consent for that service. And the right way to gain consent is through holding elections.

So, as you can see, the design process of a flag is crucial. The New Federal State of China’s flag contains many allegories. The Chinese character “中” zhong, our core value and missions are to restore Chinese culture and faith to the East, to our “中” zhong at the center of our hearts. The color of the flag alludes to the concept of Yin and Yang in Daoism. Blue is water representing Yin, the female. Golden Yellow is sunlight representing Yang, the male. For the first time in history, women represent the demographic majority in China. Throughout thousands of years of Chinese history, women have never been given a voice equal to that of men. Looking at our flag, located in the center is the color golden yellow representing sunlight, which combined with the water, represented by the blue background, creates carbon, representing life including our human bodies.

In conclusion, the Five Elements of Daoism along with the trinity created by the union of the Heaven, Earth, and our bodies together with water and sunlight…The moment when I bit into my index finger to draw blood to sign our Declaration, I was so surprised by the thunderbolts that lit up the skies behind me, as well as by the other phenomena that had occurred throughout that day. It was the will of the heavens, signs from above, that these extraordinary phenomena occurred. So, we must remember to pay respect to all elements of nature, including the skies and the water. During the breaking dawn following our Declaration of the New Federal State of China, waters of the Hudson Bay appeared so calm, that its reflection was crisp like a mirror. The peaceful expression of Lady Liberty, with her right hand holding up the torch of freedom facing the southeastern part of Manhattan, along with our boat, on which we held the Ceremony, facing the same direction, signifies prosperity now and in the future!

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Jun. 07, 2020