What we know about “New Federal State of China Flag” (also known as “Himalayan Star ” or “49 Cosmic Star “flag)

The flag made its first official appearance on June 04,2020 Form: a blue rectangular flag with 49 golden Himalayan stars sur- rounded by double ellipses in the shape of Chinese characters, 中(Centre).

Meaning: the mission of heaven

The 49 cosmic stars are shaped like the Chinese character “Zhong 中”, which is connected inside and outside, galloping freely and reflecting each other’s layout. To show balance between Yin and Yang by the interaction between heaven and earth, together these constitute a symmetrical and stable space of cosmic energy. Every star is a symbol of life, which represents human rights and the equality of all beings. The strength of the stars together mean unity and adherence to heaven’s sacred mission.

The heart of the star, auspicious eternal: the people of the Federal State of New China worship heaven, earth, and all Gods; With common belief in mind as the core: freedom, democracy, and the rule of law, respect for the old and the  young, respect for women; We will rally the people to uphold the right path and bring together the world and all countries to contribute to peace and friendship for generations to come. Together, we will create a new world of fairness, justice, and a lasting civilization, and make the universe a glorious place for all gods and goddesses.

The color of the golden sun shows the above board’s political integrity, a symbol of wealth, peace, the people’s mind, rights, preciousness, joyfulness. The color of the blue sea represents the origins of life, a symbol of eternity, broadness, nature, mysteriousness, romanticism, and dreams. Water and sunlight give birth to life. Blue for Yin and gold for Yang, Yin, and Yang, two instruments of all things, millions of substances make up hundreds of thousands of worlds; A symbol of the holy spirit of the Himalayas glory, and it will be endless.

Name list of the designers

Chief Creative Consultant and Director: Mr. Guo Wengui

General Planner: Weizisunaiqige Wenxi (Brothers-in-arms from the Whistleblow- ers’ Movement)

Chief Designer: CCgerP (Brothers-in-arms from the Whistleblowers’ Movement) Deputy Chief Designer: Wenfangsibao (Brothers-in-arms from the Whistleblow- ers’ Movement)

General coordinator: Ms. L Talk (Brothers-in-arms from the Whistleblowers’ Movement)

Assisted designers: X-MEN, Mingyueqingfeng, Wenhua, Wenxi,Cunzaizhuyikaf- eiting, Wensibudong, Wenchengcheng,Amber

Video made by VOG Video and Design teams

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