How long will Fort Detrick’s crime last?!

06-04-2020 10:25:14    

Author: Yang Li, Consul of Consulate-general of People’s Republic of China in Rio De Janeiro

The Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases at Fort Detrick, Maryland, USA has caused attention and controversy all over the world media due to its ugliness and evilness.

Fort Detrick inherited the devil heritage from the notorious Unit 731 which belonged to Japan Army. During the Second Sino-Japanese War in the 30s and 40s of last century, Unit 731 conducted live inhuman experiments millions of times on civilian and anti-Japanese warriors from China, Soviet Union, Korea, Mongolia, USA, UK including bacterial experiments, toxic gas experiment, biopsy etc. in northeast China. Over 3000 to 8000 people were tortured to death according to relative historical research. Besides, Unit 731 carried out large-scale bacterial warfare and caused a huge number of soldiers and civilians’ death and injuries in Zhejiang, Hunan, Jiangxi, Shandong, Guangdong, Yunnan provinces in China. However, since October 1945, experts from Fort Detrick started to keep close contact with the director of Unit 731, Shirō Ishii and other major members to obtain the research results on bacterial warfare. In the end, Shirō Ishii transferred all the materials to the US Army in exchange of immunity in the International Military Tribunal for the Far East. According to documents from National Archives of the United States and Harry S. Truman Presidential Library & Museum, USA reinforced its biochemical capabilities, covered up the brutal crimes of Japanese militarism and helped them get away from punishment through this filthy trade with Japan. Shirō Ishii himself was even hired by the USA as a bioweapon consultant.

Fort Detrick is home of the horrific devil. Approximately 60 times of research and interviews were conducted at Fort Detrick Lab about Unit 731 from 1946 to 1949 according to documents from the National Archives of United States. American journalist John Powell wrote in his book Unit 731: Japan’s Secret Biological Warfare in World War II “Apparently, bio warfare experts of Fort Detrick learned a lot from their Japanese colleagues. Even though we do not know the details about how the information provided by Japanese experts propel the U.S. biological warfare program, our experts confirmed that this information was extraordinarily valuable. Rare people noticed the similarity between bioweapon developed by Japan in the early days and bioweapon developed by the US in the latter days.” In early 1952, the US Army launched bacterial warfare against Korea and northeast China with bacterial bomb contained fleas, ants and flies affected by plague and cholera. Confirmed by International Scientific Commission on the investigation of bacterial warfare in Korea and China, the methods used in above bacterial warfare were developed according to Japan’s theory and methods. Insiders revealed that bacterial experiments were conducted on prisoners of war 3000 times per day at Geoje prison camp with the assistant of Shirō Ishii. In the Vietnam War, US aero planes sprayed poisonous defoliant to 10% of Vietnam’s soil and hurt up to 4.8 million innocent Vietnamese. The defoliant that is still affecting Vietnamese’ health until now was developed and lead by Fort Detrick Army Lab.

How long will Fort Detrick’s crime last? In 1971, twelve countries submitted a draft of “Biological Weapons Convention” to 26th United Nations General Assembly due to biological and toxin weapon’s tremendous threat to human society and nature environment. The Convention was open to sign since April 1972, took effect since March 1975 and now has 183 treaty nations. The Convention forbids and demands to destroy all kinds of bacterial (biological) and toxin weapon. The international community has been negotiated on protocols for lack of insufficient verification mechanism, but the USA has always blocked this important negotiation solely with the excuse as threatening American’s national security. Why would the US keep doing this? Will US give up the biological warfare program it has been carried on for years and sincerely fulfill the Convention? Russian and other countries’ intelligence departments have revealed that the US has established over 200 military-civilian biological labs globally in the name of fighting against terrorism. Under this circumstance, we cannot rule out the possibility that these labs are developing biological weapons.

There are far more crimes than that. CDC closed Fort Detrick Lab after evaluation on two leakage incidents that happened from July to August 2019 and it was not the first time for the leakages to happen in this lab. Right after the lab’s shutdown, unknown pneumonia cases were reported in nearby Maryland. Then there was an outbreak of “Flu” which actually included a large amount of Covid-19 cases, but the US government promptly deleted relative news report about the leakages and the shutdown of the lab. Now, more and more people suspect that there exists a strong relationship between Covid-19 pandemic and Fort Detrick Lab. However, the strong demand for an international investigation on the lab was rejected by the US government. 

Considering the outrageous historical sin and the concern of the world community, it is time for Fort Detrick Lab to give the world an explanation about what really happened. 

Source: CRIOnline

Further reading: Exposing to media about Fort Detrick’s crime by Yang Li, consul of consulate-general of People’s Republic of China in Rio De Janeiro

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Consulate-general of People’s Republic of China making fake news!


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