Could street vending save CCP’s economy?

Author: Seamoon

On June 1, an article on Chinese Government Website reported that Premier Li Keqiang praised street stalls and small shops for they “are important sources of jobs” and an essential part of people’s normal lives. After Li promoted the policy that finally allows street vendors to do their business, most of CCP’s mouthpieces have been encouraging people to join the street vending with a variety of means, such as reproducing articles on this policy, posting videos on both Weibo and WeChat showing some vendors who, according to the media, have made a great fortune because of street vending.

Before anyone applauding for this seemingly people-centered policy, there are few things we must know. First, those poor street vendors have always been the target of urban management officers who would do anything to kick them out of the street and confiscate their goods and even their vehicles. And the conflicts between vendors and officers can be seen everywhere because being polite and professional is not what those officers good at. Therefore, the only reason why this policy suddenly changed is that CCP is struggling with its terrible economy.

What’s more, no one can be sure if this policy would be executed. It has become another evidence of CCP issuing a policy in the morning and withdrawing it in the evening because on June 6, five days after Premier spoke highly of those vendors, “Street vending” has become another sensitive expression in Chinese media and it can not be found in Weibo since it is considered as a violation of laws that no one knows exactly what they are.

So, whoever is dreaming about making a fortune or recovering Chinese economy through street vending will very possibly be disappointed.

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Jun. 06, 2020