A security staff from an elementary school in China stabbed pupils and teachers

Author : seamoon

On June 4, one security staff working in an elementary school in Wuzhou City, Guangxi province, stabbed 37 pupils who were having breakfast quietly in the their classroom and 2 teachers. So far, those pupils have suffered minor injuries and those two teachers are in severe condition. One day after the incident, the Ministry of education of PRC pointed a deputy director to set up a supervision team with officers from the ministry of Public Security and went to Wuzhou to make sure the local administration handle the incident properly. As always, the local administration was trying to cover it up and forbid people spreading and talking about it until it went on the internet and caused the anger of netizens in China, which gave them no choice but to take it seriously. We will continue focusing on how it goes and wait for the final result of it.

However, we can not call it a rare case or pure incident. Chinese people have already been furious about countless dangers that their children have to face since the day they were born. Poisonous milk powder, fake vaccines and now a life threat from a security staff at school, anything absurd and unacceptable in a modern civilization can happen under the control of Chinese Communist Party.

source https://news.163.com/20/0605/11/FEBS0OP70001875N.html

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