Japanese News Agency Manipulated by CCP to Attack Pres. Trump

Author: RD16 (06/03/2020)

Asahi Shimbun (朝日新闻) is one of the prominent Japanese news agencies that covers economics and politics. Recently its Jun 2nd editorial piece took a few jabs at President Trump and depicted a gloomy picture of U.S. sliding on a downward path. Prudent readers must not miss this opportunity to examine what it has to say. Some of the claims are listed as below:

(1) “US has unilaterally cut ties with WHO, which may hamper the development of COVID-19 vaccine and treatment.”

As the UN’s public health branch, WHO is supposed to safeguard and provide transparency to help all nations fight this unprecedented pandemic as effectively as possible. It did exactly the opposite by misleading the whole world at early stage about the dire nature of the virus – “no human-to-human transmission”. Taiwan health officials have attested that they fired off an email on Dec 31,2019 to WHO when they discovered potential viral cases of emergence in Wuhan, and informed WHO that it was very likely human-to-human transmittable. Yet WHO deliberately snoozed all the alarms, helped CCP to cover up this concerning situation, which led to the world missing the most precious window to block the virus from being widespread. The devastation is seen around the globe, and ongoing.

Even after given more time to prove it could be redeemable, the tarnished WHO has repeatedly failed its fiduciary duty in pressing PRC to share the initial stage data – the indispensable data required by the global talents in the field to analyze and develop potential treatment and vaccine from. WHO has proven itself an utter puppet for the Chinese regime, and any wise world leaders should’ve been prompted to cut it loose and redirect their investment elsewhere in order to pursue innovation of medical miracles.

Above: worldometers stats on pandemic as of 06/03/2020

In short, severing ties with WHO will only help promote development of a vaccine and treatment, not hamper it. Time is of essence, and hundreds of millions of lives on the earth deserve and demand a better alternative!!

Interestingly to note, just two days ago, WHO actually praised US’s contribution to global health, after it was being told “Sayonara, money no more”. Let this thought-provoking message sink in for a moment…

(2) It’s unwise for US to invite Russia to G7 even with Russia’s obnoxious record of annexation of Crimea; it breaks the framework of G7.

G7 consists of seven major IMF-advanced economies. Among the many focuses such as economics and education, a crucial function is for the world powers to meet and discuss constructively so they can coordinate their actions and peacefully resolve conflicts.

Here is where Russia comes in – Russia was expelled from G8 due to Putin’s annexation of Crimea back in 2014. But today’s world is so different from the past — now with the negotiating table is fraught with complications like recent oil crisis, coronavirus pandemic, and nuclear energy/development, it is coherent for Trump’s administration to extend an invite to Putin – After all, it’d be hard to imagine having any effective debate when half of the meeting is devoted to Russia, and yet Russia is absent by design.

Furthermore, on the invite-list are the names of Australia, India, and South Korea.  Adjusting participating members is about being able to negotiate in a timely and constructive manner, with all key stakeholders present in order to resolve global crisis; it is not simply ‘about what a country has done’, as put by President Trump.

(3) The incumbent White House Administration lacks of political vision cultivated by the previous US administrations since the cold war; US is sliding on a downward path…

It takes a great leader with vision to assess situations at hand, and see what’s needed to achieve greater goods for his/her country. Staying on path well-travelled without prudent examination, does not prove a commander is in the right direction nor he/she has the capability to lead.

Since President Trump took office in 2016, he has decisively signed a series of executive orders which have created millions more jobs for Americans, have boosted immigration enforcement, and have helped many communities that have the least to get financial support. After 70 years since last act of the kind, he built the newest branch of US Armed Forces, the US Space Force to protect the US and allies’ interests in space.

With reestablishing the National Space Council, he has inspired the men and women at NASA, as well as the private firm SpaceX – All their fantastic work has propelled the America Launch operation to successfully send two brave American astronauts to the heavenly space, with a made-in US rocket, and from American soil. All this has been achieved at a fraction of the previously-estimated cost, talking about the beautiful infusion of the technology of America and the speed of private sectors!   

Let’s not forget to mention the two ongoing endeavors: sending astronauts to the moon and ultimately to Mars – the Artemis Accords Mission, the exploration of the space on behalf of the humanity. All presented above is matched by none in the world. It takes hard work, experience, guts, perseverance, and vision. Yes, particularly vision from a fearless leader!

Last Saturday, after witnessing the SpaceX soaring into the space carrying two US astronauts, with the support of God’s grace, would anyone still relate that to a sign of USA sliding on a downward path…?

Asahi News is supposed to represent prestige in the media and broadcasting industry. Due to historical reasons, Japan is not unfamiliar with the rhetoric imposed onto itself by China, all too often seem to be unfounded or unjustified. However, as a well-known fact, for the past few years many Japanese companies have struggled with withdrawing their production out of China in order to divert investment elsewhere. Even Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has set aside US$2.24 trillion to help firms to pull out of China. One cannot help but wondering if this editorial could be just a friendly gesture playing to the tune of the Chinese government in hope to get some much needed relief in return?


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Cover shot credit: Getty images

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