HK National Anthem Law Passes Third Reading on Anniversary of Tiananmen Massacre

The National Anthem Law passed the third reading around 5pm today, with 43 members present and 41 voting for the law. This controversial law was passed on the 31st anniversary of China’s Tiananmen incident.

Pro-democracy members proposed 21 amendments, including reducing the penalties, adding biographical information on the anthem’s lyricist, and removing religious ceremonies from the list of events where playing the anthem is required. All were voted down.

As it is the 31st anniversary of June 4, pro-democracy legislators placed white flowers at their seats. Democratic Party’s Andrew Wan motioned for 64 seconds of silence for those who died during the Tiananmen incident, but was not approved by chairperson Andrew Leung.

Most pro-democracy members stood up for a moment of silence on their own, calling out “Never forget June 4”. They left the chambers afterwards.

Source: Stand News

Contributor: GM02

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