Welcome, New Federal State of China! Resurrect, Hong Kong!

Author: Joyphie

To you, New Federal State of China

Before the dawn, I didn’t know there is hope and light.
They said at the end of darkness, there will be light.
I was curious what they meant by that.
So I walked on, before I almost forgot why I was even strolling forward.

Then in the wilderness, God you shepherd me home.
He sends a warrior & raises him up.
Standing with him is a crowd of courage, dismantle fear.
They hold on to faith, love, light and hope.
They put on an armour of truth,
A helmet of wisdom,
A cape of justice,
With a longing for revival!

Suddenly a hymn resounds in heaven & earth,
The seed sewn by the mighty hand of God,
breakthroughs darkness and fear.
The people of Himalaya,
finally inherit what God has originally promised.

To you, Hong Kong

Long suffering a holy city,
crowned with victory.
Dignity cannot be bribed.
Rights cannot be compromised.
Long standing a holy city,
Crowned with eternity.
Glory shines up high,
Courage sings awide!

Now dwells the light,
I say it is a beginning of an end.
For God and His people,
illuminating your now and future.

New Federal State of China!
Hong Kong!

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